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Njoy artist impressions

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  • Njoy artist impressions

    Ok, so i have a couple of njoy artist eliquids.
    Just tried the dragonscape.
    Its supposed to be indian spice, asian tea, belgian cafe & english custard - a tall order
    Anyway, as i started of , was getting hints of coffee & maybe a bit of tea.
    I little bit down the line the cinnamon started coming through - a sweet ceylon style cinnamon, not the cassia bark which is sold as cinnamon in India. It was pretty evident and overshadowed everything else.
    But if i give a pause and vape again , i get the coffee again. Getting more coffee. And there si complexity in the background.
    If i tried to increase the power , the flavours were going for a toss. Vaped mostly at around 15W on the KF lite.
    If i have any other impressions when i try it on the ego one, as i continue to vape this, i will report.
    Thank you

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    Re: Njoy artist impressions

    Nice one, I did get more of tea and hard cinnamon.. Keep us posted


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      Re: Njoy artist impressions

      What is hard cinnamon Pradeep?


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        Re: Njoy artist impressions

        Must say this is a good coffee vape, although i would much rather do without the cinnamon


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          Re: Njoy artist impressions

          Coffee .. did you say coffee vape? *drool*


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            Re: Njoy artist impressions

            Dada, strong cinnamon I meant .. I used to get tea.. Guess it steeped well


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              Re: Njoy artist impressions

              Yes Pradeep, i am getting the coffee & cinnamon mostly - the coffee is similar to black flag fallen


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