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Beware while dealing with Indian Vape Garage

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  • Beware while dealing with Indian Vape Garage

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    Dear Guys,
    I have bought a Wismec Predator 228 couple of months back. It comes with 2 different types of coils, one is WS 01 Tripe( threaded) and a second one is WS 02 NS Triple( Drop in - No threads). I ordered 5 pieces of the NS type which cost me INR 1580/- plus INR 100/- shipping.

    They sent me wrong coils( WS 02 Triple). WS 02 Triple does not fit in a Elabo tank. Initially I had difficulties reaching out to them. I sent an email to the email address mentioned on their site and I was asked to get in touch with their representative , that number did not work. Thereafter I called a number I found on their website, one madam picked and told me she'll get back to me in 5 minutes as she was not able to hear a thing. After 3o minutes I called up again on the same number and no one took the call. Again I wrote an email to the email address. After some time someone called me snd asked me to share the image of the coil and my device. I immediately sent them. However, they declined accepting that it is a mistake and kept on saying that they have sent me the right coil.

    I requested them to send the right coil and the same courier can pick up the wrong coil they have sent, which they declined and kept on asking me to send the coils back to them.

    Utterly disgusted since this was the first interaction with them. I gave up and told them it is OK. I gave up since I did not have the patience. I pay you much more than the original cost , I pay you for shipping, you goof up , you deny and then you want me to return the coil at my own expense. Did not seem right.

    This is just to inform you that be careful what you order.


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    Thanks for informing! Would suggest you to post this on TGIVC community (the link is in my signature). Make sure to post screenshots/pics/images. I'm sure this will be taken care of


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      I have ordered a smok AL85 from them on 4th of this month (before reading this)
      After repeated calls and emails and WhatsApp messages I got an SMS that my order will be shipped by 3 pm.
      Keeping my fingers crossed.....

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        Hmm was the package shipped parag? Did you get any email from them?


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          Yes, lucky I got my order.
          after 2 days of not picking up the phone or replying to emails and WhatsApp, I got a message that the package is being shipped and I got it
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