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  • Guide me about RTA

    I have been using a starter kit till date and want to start using RTA but from my research it appears that the biggest issue with the RTA is the leakage . Also being a noob in vaping it's not really recommend by anyone. What is the experience of others here ?
    Did everyone started vaping using starter kit ?
    When did they start building their own coil ?
    Is there MTL RTA kit available in India ?
    Thanks ..

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    Hello there buddy,

    To be honest, if you are off the stinkies using just a starter kit, stick to it. As you get your hands into all these mods, RTAs, RDAs, etc, things go down south. You will end up blowing a lot of money

    Well, if you are ok to spend, there definitely is benefit of RTA/RDA over starter kits. Most of us started with starter kits only. I started with eGo starter kits years ago. There are many sellers of RTAs in India at the moment. Most of the kits come with clearomizers that have pre-built coil heads but there are a few kits that come with rebuildable tanks and drippers.

    It is best to buy the mod and the RTA separately because almost any mod out there is just fine but there are different types of RTAs .. some are MTL (mouth to lung) with very little airflow and some are DL (Direct to lung) RTAs that have bigger airflow holes for lung-hitting.

    It all depends on your budget. With a mod and a RTA, here is all that you may have to buy:

    1. Mod (Single or Dual battery VW/TC)
    2. Battery/Batteries (18650, 20700 or 21700)
    3. RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)
    4. Wire spool (there are tens of different wire spools)
    5. Wicking material (organic cotton)
    6. External charger (most onboard charging modules on mods suck!)
    7. Tools - Tweezers, scissors, wire cutter, nose plier, kuro koiler, screwdrivers, etc)

    Although you will be blowing out a considerable amount of money but in the longer run, you will be saving a lot. You won't have to run around to buy coil heads and stuff since you will be able to make your own coils and wick them by yourself.

    You see where we are going with all those things? This is the reason why people do not get their hands dirty with rebuildables in the beginning. It all requires a level of experience and of course, time. Youtube is your friend


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      Thabk you for your reply. I guess I think I should just stick to starter kit for now.


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        What about using flavourless e liquid ? I see one in
        has anyone used them ? Is this reliable source for e liquid ?


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          No idea bhai. Haven't bought, so no information if it is good or not.