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What Are You Guys/Gals Planning Now?

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  • What Are You Guys/Gals Planning Now?

    Now that the idiotic government has passed the ordinance, what are you plans for vaping in the near future?

    I am just wondering to back to making my own liquid. The equipment is something I already have.

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    Its BAU for me. Making my own eliquids from a long time

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      Well, would suggest joining www.VapeIndia.org if you care about fighting. All that the government wants is vendors paying taxes and controlling quality. Add warnings and labels and what not. We still have a fight on hand. Please join VapeIndia.org (AVI) - Association of Vapers India and contribute whichever way you can.


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        well i have few mods and tanks . though i am making my own liquids from few years and even i have nictone which can last for one year . however after that i am not sure where to get nicotene . seems i will have to switch to 0 mg nicotene after that .. but i will be joining www.VapeIndia.org to support ..
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          I wanted to make some eliquids. But the offers on litejoy killed me. Now that the site is done, I am toast! I emailed HiLiq today if they are still shipping to India. I checked customs site, Nicotine is still not on the prohibited list. I did the vape India thing a long time ago. From a legal point of view, I know that a case has been filed in the Calcutta High Court. Next hearing is on Nov 14. And this is just an ordinance from what I read, not a law yet. It will be law when the parliament meets for the winter session and votes on it. I am might be wrong, but that is my understanding.


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            But this India, logic and science just don't apply here. Just cows!

            I am pretty certain ITC, Philip Morris etc are behind it somehow, shoving millions of rupees down politicians throat, to get vaping banned.
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