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WTB: Any used mod+tank in mumbai. Immediate.

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  • WTB: Any used mod+tank in mumbai. Immediate.

    I'm waiting on my first vape gear to be delivered, but it's been delayed a lot.
    I'm eager to get started.

    If any reputed forum member has a spare setup, they hardly use anymore, I'm willing to take it off their hands at a discounted price.

    - Setup has to be in good working condition. (any wattage limits, any kind of tank). No leak boxes though, ty.
    - Don't care if it has nicks or scratches
    - Preferably a mumbai seller. (Wanna find vape buddies while i'm at it.)

    Discounted price = original price - depreciation(based on age , wear and tear)

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    hey there if u still need one i have an ijust2 which is good for beginners that produces good amount of vape.
    here are my contact details +91 8879646057


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      Hey I was recently in Mumbai , there's plenty of retailers who sell decent mods.

      Close to andheri west train station there's some small attar shops that sell the traditional bong's hukkas and stuff. They carry some decent mods.

      Goregaon citicenter first floor near the escalator there's a store that has a decent collection of hardware and liquid.

      There a pan shop called panchayat in lokhand Wala market .

      Manish market market in town near Crawford market

      Any of these places you will be able to pick yourself up a half decent mod for around U.S $50 while you wait for you stuff to arrive .


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