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Helpful Selling Tips

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  • Helpful Selling Tips

    So you have a product that you wish to sell. I hope you understand that vaping is for people of age 18+ and you really do not want to sell to people below the age of 18. So, here are some tips that you should follow and keep yourself safe at all times. Your actions will not only keep you safe but the overall Indian vaping community too. So please keep these tips in your mind while selling stuff and making transactions.
    [list type=decimal]
    [li]Do NOT sell to people of age below 18 years.[/li]
    [li]Take ID proof of the buyer and sell/ship products only in the name of the person whose ID you verified to be 18+[/li]
    [li]Save those IDs in a safe place on your computer/phone so that in case there is a dispute of any kind, you can prove that you took the measures to ensure the buyer is of legal age.[/li]
    [li]Try to take a proof of all the communication with a buyer. In case of a dispute of any kind, you will still have a proof of the deal.[/li]
    [li]Clearly communicate what all you are selling so that there is no confusion.[/li]
    [li]Make your sales posts in a proper sales format as mentioned here.[/li]
    [li]Do NOT take NEFT payments on a Sunday. Payments do not clear on a Sunday and the NEFT gets scheduled for Monday morning. We have seen how scammers play in such cases.[/li]
    [li]Keep proof of everything (ID, chat, phone calls, payment mode, shipping docket number, etc) so that you can prove that you took all the measures to ensure a clean transaction between adults.[/li]
    [li]Do NOT make deals with people from states that have banned sales of vaping products.[/li]
    [li]Keep yourself secure at all times by taking measures that do not put you under radar. Your safety is in your own hands![/li]
    [li]Last but not the least, IndianVapers Forum does not indulge in any kind of transactions between buyers or sellers. Buying and/or selling is solely at the discretion of members. Your safety is in your own hands. So play safe and keep yourself secure.[/li][/list]I hope these simple tips will help you in securing yourself and the community. Stay safe from scammers and do not sell to underage teenagers. Have fun selling!

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