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Sell | Evolve vapour device Brute | Used

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  • Sell | Evolve vapour device Brute | Used

    Product Name: Brute (EvolveVapors)

    Brand: EvolveVapors

    Product Condition: Used

    Authentic or clone: Authentic (not really certain, what does clone mean)

    Number of items: The whole package
    1. Device
    2. Charger
    3. Cable
    4. Mouth piece
    5. Coils (this depends at the time of sale), since I am using this product

    Sale Price: 3000 (negotiable)

    Shipping Price: Depends on your location, but prefer local sale in Delhi

    Shipping Instructions: Depends on the buyer, and buyer pays for it.

    Product Description: You will find detailed information at the link --> Brute
    • Bought this product for 5000/- and was recently replaced, ~2 months back. So it is close to new, and the reason for selling is, moving to advance kit.
    • The replacement device was hot pink, so I have scrapped off the bottom part, to reveal the steel, and looks handsome now
    • Well, one of the most popular brand in India, which has been here for over 2 years.
    • If you visit Hauz Khas village, you must have seen this same device, being offered as hookah but the pubs. So reliability is not a concern. You can check reviews on the website and Facebook page
    • Feel free to ask any question
    Product Images: https://tinyurl.com/ya6f5a8p (link to pics uploaded to drive)

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