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Imported OMVAPORS E-liquids -USA

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  • Imported OMVAPORS E-liquids -USA

    Hi I have a few bottles of OM VAPORS USA E-Liquids listed below.

    Shipping : On actuals - paid by Buyer (approx Rs 150)
    Price : 120 ml for 1500 each
    90 ml ( 3 x 30 ml bottles of LOTUS )for 1100

    -Omega - 1.5 mg 120 ML key lime coconut cheesecake
    -Mindful monkey - 1.5 mg 120 ML Banana pudding ,whipped cream ,vanilla wafers
    -The cobra 1.5 MG 120 ML strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, cake crumbs
    -Karma 1.5 MG 120 ML milk and honey
    -Nirvana 1.5 MG 120 ML blueberry cake doughnut
    -Lotus 1.5 MG 3 x 30 ML White miso, peach,pear, apple, floral notes
    -Mantra 1.5 MG 120 ML tropical fruit blend ,green tea
    -Ascension - 1.5 mg 120 ML Rosemary, pomegranate, mousse cake
    -Zen 120ml - 1.5 mg 120 ML Guava pastry

    -Zen- 0 mg 120 ML
    -Ascension - 0 mg 120 ML raspberry ,pomegranate ,mousse cake
    -Yellow Dream 0MG 120 ML fresh baked crust, butter, fresh squeeze lemon juice, custard, powdered sugar
    -Toasted 0MG 120 ML cinnamon toast cereal
    -Chimera 0MG 120 ML strawberry banana milkshake
    -The tropics 0MG 120 ML pineapple upsidedown cake
    -Summer dream 0MG 120 ML refreshing strawberry limeade
    -Budino 0MG 120 ML Italian butterscotch pudding
    -Serene 0MG 120 ML peach crumble ice cream
    -The legend 0MG 2 X 60 ml peanut butter and chocolate milkshake
    -Cafe #7 0MG 2 x 60 ml cappuccino,like cream, caramel
    -The balance 0MG 4 X 30 ml Blue raspberry sour candy
    -Baked 0MG 2 x 60 ml caramel apple, graham crumbs ,toasted Almonds
    -Spectrum 0MG 2 x 60 ml Rainbow sherbet milkshake
    -Divine pebbles 0MG 120 ML. Fruity cereal


    * Not for sale to Minors and Banned States

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    interested in Mindful monkey 120 ml.