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Please Read: Rules For Giveaways

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  • Please Read: Rules For Giveaways

    Suppliers or individuals who are interested in creating "Vaping giveaways and/or contests", please follow these rules at all times. These rules are created in the best interest of forum members, visitors, readers and also for the suppliers themselves. We understand that you wish to promote your products and generate sales. Following these rules will only help you have a better impact for your efforts.

    Rules for Giveaways/Contests
    • Make sure you are dealing with only 18+ age people. It is your responsibility to check DoB (Date of Birth) on the ID supplied by the winner. Please DO NOT send giveaway/contest prizes to minors (people below the age of 18 years)! This forum strongly opposes sending vape gear to minors!
    • Please keep it simple. Avoid huge text or unnecessary text bolding. The idea is to keep the main giveaway post easy to read.
    • Your giveaway should involve some activity on the forum. It should not be entirely on some other website. You may include an activity on your website and/or social networks but there has to be some activity involved here on the forum for participants.
    • Posting a starting date and the end date is mandatory for the giveaway.
    • Announce the winners on the closing date or the following day. Please do not keep participants wondering whether the giveaway is over or still going on.
    • Do not make the giveaway/contest a link-galore. Posting too many links will not only get your website penalized but will also affect the forum reputation on Google search. As a supplier, it will hurt you even more since so many links from one site will appear as "link spam" and will hurt your own Google rankings. Play wisely!
    • Communicate to the winners immediately after a giveaway is over and inform them when their prize(s) will be shipped.

    Please follow these instructions in order to have the best results for your marketing efforts through vaping giveaways and contests on the forum. Wishing you wonderful business ahead and hoping your sales grow ten folds