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Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: Smoant Special [2 Winners Announced]

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  • Heaven Gifts 11th Anniversary Massive Contest: Smoant Special [2 Winners Announced]

    The year 2018 is our 11th year since when we are found. It is our 3rd time doing this online celebration. Heaven Gifts Anniversary is not only a ritual that celebrates the progress we made, moreover, it is a vaping feast that returns the supports and favor our clients, partners, community members have done for Heaven Gifts.

    Unlike previous year celebration, we’re doing a bit different. For the next coming days, we divide the massive contest into a few parts. Each part differs from others. We hope and wish all of you people enjoy this once a year online e-cigarette carnival.

    Today’s part is about Smoant, we plan to give away some products from Smoant below as prizes:

    1. Smoant Charon Mini Kit
    2. Smoant Campbel Kit
    3. Smoant Naboo Kit

    However, you have to “earn” them with your entries. To enter:

    Comment anything about “Vaping” or “Smoant”,

    When the number of entries reaches 25, we give away 1 x Smoant Campbel Kit
    When the number of entries reaches 50, we give away 1 x Smoant Campbel Kit and 1 x Smoant Naboo Kit
    When the number of entries reaches 80, we give away 1 x Smoant Campbel Kit, 1 x Smoant Naboo Kit and 1 x Smoant Charon Mini Kit

    1. We will pick the lucky winners via random.org on September 21, 2018. Each winner will get 1 prize.
    2. Each participant can post 5 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1

    ------------------Special Thanks to Smoant------------------

    Smoant is an integrative high-tech manufacturer specializing in the production, development, research and marketing of sub-ohm tanks and advanced personal vaporizer. The company's main goal is to satisfy different vapers with innovation, quality and services. Smoant also believes that as being one vaping community, everyone has to work together to create a healthy living environment.
    As Smoant says: This is Smoant, always chases great hopes!
    Winner Announcement

    Dear all,

    Thanks for your active participation and supports. So excited to choose the winner.

    Congratulations #42 @Rahul3809!
    Your prize is Smoant Campbel Kit.

    Congratulations #28 @Santu9797@gmail.com!
    Your prize is Smoant Naboo Kit.

    You are our winner! Please PM us your shipping address in following format.

    Post code:
    Tel & Email:

    After receiving the prize, please share your real feeling and user experience with other vaping friends here or any of your account such as Facebook, Twitter.
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    #1. I was very young when I started smoking - 17 years of age, actually. remember my first puff. It made me cough, but I kept on going to make myself feel like I was part of the cool crowd. I didn't think anything of it, didn't think smoking could eventually have a huge hold on my life, trapped in this addiction. My cousin introduced me to vaping. At first I didn't really think anything of it, but I did mention it to my non-smoking partner. He must've been listening because he went out and bought me a vape. He wanted me to use it instead of smoking. Vaping saved my life, from smoking. Vape On


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      #2. Smoant became the largest manufacturer & fastest growing company in vaping industry, they have burst into the scene pretty quickly with releases such as the Smoant battlestar, Smoant TS 218, Cylon & Charon. Smoant focus on providing new and innovative products that have a wide range of appeal to all sections of the varied vaping market.


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        vaping has been a life saver ! Had been a smoker for almost 5 years smoking 10-15 stinkies a day . Smoking had been slowly playing an impact of my physical health day by day ! .One fine day Decided to quit smoking & i did try different alternatives like nicotine patches , gums but nothing was doing the trick.
        2 Years back While i was travelling to uk , a friend of mine who use to be smoker shared his journey of how he quit smoking with the help of vaping & that was the day i got introduced to vaping ! Proud to be smoke free for 2 Years straight all Thanks to Vaping !


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          Post 1
          Smoant stands for "small ant". A few of their mods like the Battlestar and Charon were quite popular.


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            #Post 01

            Starting smoking 15 years ago..Hanging out the 'Cool Guys' after school..be part of the gang. Gajju ka Tapri was the forbidden place in town where behind the stall there would be around 20 odd guys smoking, cribbing about the teachers, the 'system hi kharaab' conversations. Started with chotta gold, moved to Bada gold during colleges..transitioned to bidis when money runs out .
            Soon the cigs got a hold of every aspect of the day. Used to rule where I go and if I had enough stock to last the day. Health issues, scares too became part of life. However, could not get rid of the thin stick between my fingers.
            Finally around 6 months back, in spite of lots of pessimism, with help of my manager (ex-smoker) took the leap. He introduced me to vaping and the options available. Made a lots of mistakes along the way.. e-pens, bad ejuices and most of the days went back to smoking stinkies.
            After lots of research (most of it way beyond my head), I got another device - a starter kit, which helped me from a 1 to 1.5 pack a day to 2 or 3 stinkies a day.
            Its still a daily struggle to keep off stickies. but resolved to see this through and hopefully with the help of vapes will be finally free of cigs sooner than later...
            Vape On!!


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              SMOANT is has been constant in my rotation of mods for quite some time . The company constantly pushes what’s possible with design and features, and this attention to detail and overall performance is palpable when you use its products. The SMOANT Charon TS 218, I would argue, is easily one of the best value Touch screen mods right .The only downside to this mod is that its bit on the Heavier side but The fact that it has a brilliant touchscreen which is responsive as any touch screen phone & without any haptic delay makes it all the more bang for your buck !


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                #Post 1
                I was never a smoker rather I use to partake in Shisha smoking during get togethers and other social events but somehow I was aware of its harmful effects and always looked for its alternative because knowledge of its harmful effects never let me enjoy it fully. Then I came across the term "Vaping" which made me learn more about it and then vaping became for me the healther, less harmful, better substitute for smoking. Now, I sincerely believe that rather than smoking people should take up vaping as it saves live not even habit forming and does not have haarmful effect on the health.
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                  Smoant is seriously pushing the boundaries with innovation by realasing the Campbel kit ! Intially i thought it was smoke kind of spoof when i saw this kit in the adverts and when googled found out that the company is actually coming up with this kit ! Quite curious as to how would it taste to vape a soft drink !
                  All the people who are tired of buying expensive e liquids Worry not Smoant has come to your Rescue .
                  From baba ramdev ka khus khus to Rooh hafza ab sab kar sakte ho vape


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                    #post 2
                    I have always been fan of SMOANT products and my perception about them os they are bit at the premium side. I always loved there Battlestar mod and suggested the same to my friend who transitioned to vaping for quitting ciggrate smoking.


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                      Post 2 (related to vaping)
                      I am currently vaping a lot of fruit based ejuices. My ADV generally have been tobacco flavored Vapes but I seem to enjoy the shift.


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                        Post #1

                        I am 300 days smoke free and it feels great. All the credit goes to vaping. I don't know why I didn't come to know about it earlier.


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                          Being a vaper it gives me immense satisfaction of nice rush minus all those bad bad carcinogens.


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                            I do fancy to get Smoant Charon Mini mod one day. There is nothing MINI about it. Its all GRAND. Love the looks and love the specs. Awesomeness.


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                              Post #4

                              Vaping saves lives. That's proven by studies. Let's try to convert at least one of the smokers into a vaper. Let's save a life.