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Giveaway: UD VIE and UD Miracle Cotton To Win!

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  • Giveaway: UD VIE and UD Miracle Cotton To Win!

    Hello members of Indian Vapers,

    I am Nelson from Youde Technology. And we are getting a lot of great reviews from vapers all over the world for our UD VIE and Miracle Cotton. So we thought of sharing our success with you all so that you can also use our products and enjoy our popular products.

    If we get good feedback from you all, we may run more giveaways for you because we love to share our success with our customers and fans

    A little introduction about Youde Technology: Our company motto is “Unification Of Design” where unification symbolizes both the over-all quality of all UD products, alongside the affordability that is at the forefront of the UD design ethos. In 2014 we invested heavily in product development and production, and continue with our 300 million expansion into 45 acres of land for new plant that it has been put into use in July 2015. It is our zeal to strive forward in a highly competitive market, we are driven by quality and that's what we promise to our customers.

    So we have these prizes for the giveaway:

    1st prize: 1 UD VIE (http://www.yourcig.com/products/UD-VIE)
    2nd prize: 3 bags of Miracle Cotton (http://www.yourcig.com/products/UD-Miracle-Cotton)

    UD VIE and Miracle Cotton Giveaway

    Participation Rules:

    1. Please follow our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ud_youde/
    2. Comment below which product you like the most on our website www.Yourcig.com
    3. Each member can post twice. Please do not post more than 2 replies per participant.

    => We will allow this giveaway to run through November. This giveaway will close on November 30 and we will announce the winners on 1st December 2018 <=

    Winners need to send us their name, address, phone number and Tax ID so that we can quickly ship your prizes. We are more excited than you for this giveaway because we want to hear your thoughts about our products. Wishing everyone all the luck in this giveaway!

    Please share this giveaway with your friends and pay us a visit at www.YourCig.com to see what new quality products we have for you!

    Good luck everyone.

    ================================================== =======================

    WINNERS ===>

    Winner Names
    Congrats aryanmusic and Holy_Clouds
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    UD GAXI looking charm!!
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      UD VIE sleek starter kit I would like to own!


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        UD GAXI Mod looks lit!!


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          Followed and the UD Gaxi Mod!


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            That double deck vape pocket, can fit them all in one thing.


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              The UD vape pocket seems nice!
              followed on Instagram


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                Done followed on www.Instagram.com/vapeonclouds.in

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                  Gaxi seems like a nice kit to have in my daily rotation


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                    Vapwiz Revolution Kit is cool


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                      UD Apro24 tank is really hot


                      • #12
                        Apro 22 V2 Kit looks amazing!


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                          Gaxi kit looks good too.. Followed on insta with username bublit


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                            UD GAXI Mod looks So Good & Handy...


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                              UD APRO 16 KIT looking nice.