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Cubis RBA with worn head

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  • Cubis RBA with worn head

    Hi guys,
    Recently, I tried to install a new coil in the RBA coil for Cubis tank, but the tools I had did not fit into it. So I went to a watch repair shop for the tools and he insisted on doing it on his own as it were his tools. This led to the head of the screw in the RBA coil to be worn and now, even with the right tools, I cannot pull the screw out. Any suggestions with which I can make this right. I thought of using other tools for the purpose, but the screw is really small.
    If the recommendation is to get a new one, please let me know where I can get one.


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    Re: Cubis RBA with worn head

    use rubberband on the screw head and try to loosen it sometimes it works for me


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      Re: Cubis RBA with worn head

      Thanks a lot, will give it a try today. Was searching for a precision screwdriver so that I dont inflict more damage to the screw.