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Total noob!!

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  • Total noob!!

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    I'm prolly the biggest noob as far as vaping goes. I was interested in this

    But what this 1 x EMOW clear atomizer.
    5 x Emow coil atomizers.
    And how long does a coil last.You guys are vaping geeks, I can't understand any thing you say- and the more I research the more confusing it gets. Ive been using a smokefree ego series VGO kit product and their E-liquid supposedly B&H Lights which is rather Putrid!! But at least I quit smoking from my first vape puff after 25trs of smoking Then I tried their dunhill in a new atomizer and threw the liquid and new atomizer away. :-\

    So what I'm looking to purchase is a good starter kit, or if you guys have any better option to choose from than what I linked to, even if pricier lemme know. Very important would be to have accessories/serviceable parts available promptly if and when required. 20 days smoke free- and loving it. ;D

    Just to add I miss my B&H lights(Original) flavour. So any advice on closest flavour, no fruity etc flavours. Thanks


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    Re: Total noob!!

    Hey Vik,
    Good to have you here. First, have you gone through some of the posts where other new comers have asked similar questions?
    At this time, i would suggest looking at some of the new products - those are old stuff. You can buy a mod - 30W would be a good starting point - there are quite a few these days with built in battery - have a look first - an example is the istick 30.
    Next you need an atomizer - coils will last not long - maybe 5 days or more or less - cant say - depends on your usage & the kind of juice you are using. So have a look at new ones. Aerotank v2 is a good starting point. But there are ones which can handle more power. Have a look and then plz feel free to ask further.


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      Re: Total noob!!

      Welcome to the world of vaping Vik

      Here's your starting point buddy ..,322.0.html

      Please read through and also read through the "Questions" section on this forum. Once you are through the threads, we'll take it from there.

      You are new to vaping, take it slow buddy, do not try to rush through. Once you are through some of the threads, you will have a better understanding of what you should buy


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        Re: Total noob!!

        Many thanks, kalc and AndyK, for responding.
        I'll do the research. Hope I figure out this stuff. Else at the worst(read my laziest best)I'll request you guys to suggest good quality hardware and a juice (as close to B&H lights). Oh! I mentioned juice, at least learned the slang.



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          Re: Total noob!!

          I'd agree with everything the above two have said, just one thing from my side. Don't restrict yourself to looking at just the flavor that was closest to the cigarettes you were smoking. You've stopped after all. Try them all out. What worked for you in analogs will not necessarily work for you in vaping.


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            Re: Total noob!!

            hey vik i have sent u a pm kindly check


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              Re: Total noob!!

              Cheers deltaone and sam.
              After reading quite a bit here and watch watching reviews on YouTube I think the Innokin MVP3 or the Nemisis and a Innokin iclear 30. Help me decide guys I prefer the slim look of the Nemesis.

              Many thanks.


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                Re: Total noob!!

                I'd suggest going for a regulated box mod to start off with, but if you like mech mods so much, do go for it. BUT do be careful, read up properly on the basics and always, always take the necessary precautions for battery safety.

                Regarding the clearo, i would suggest something with a glass tank, which is safer for any juice.


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                  Re: Total noob!!

                  Mech mods dont give you control - you are stuck with the heat output depending on the resistance of the atty. With a regulated mod, you can change the power as needed so that you can enjoy a juice according to the atty & the type of juice you are vaping.
                  So, yes, i agree with deltaone , i would not suggest to start with a mech mod - a regulated mod is safer & much more versatile - but finally its your decision
                  Iclear30 is ok - i vaped it for a couple of days before rejecting it - extrememly restricted air flow - for me one should go for aerotank or nautilus mini or something with some airflow control - otherwise you will have no idea how the vaping experience could be completely different from what you are getting with a fixed airflow atty. The entire experience changes
                  It really all depends on your budget , to be frank I will also suggest a tank with larger airflow like the subtank or something like that. Anyway, you have a look and see.
                  BTW, MVP 3 is a good choice.
                  Whatever it is, buy from fasttech - everything except juice . It will take you quite some experience before you start getting familiar with the wide range of juice thats available It takes us all
                  All the best


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                    Re: Total noob!!

                    Thanks kalc. Had a chat with Adarsh, this morning. Placed an order on FT. Thanks a lot guys.

                    [attachment deleted by admin]


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                      Re: Total noob!!

                      Ok, so try the iclear30 - but remember that the vaping experience can totally change depending on the atty.
                      Dont conclude anything about vaping after using one atty
                      The istick 50W is a very good option.
                      The order will not ship till the end of the month probably as its chinese new year - so wait patiently
                      And read reviews, comments, see videos - increase your knowledge when you get time - it will help a lot


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                        Re: Total noob!!

                        This is a pretty elaborate field and i am learning each day - trust me


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                          Re: Total noob!!

                          The next on your list should be ...

                          Kayfun Lite - SKU 1605200
                          Coils - SKU 1945902
                          Wick - SKU 2126500

                          That will be your rebuildable atomizer kit


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                            Re: Total noob!!

                            He will also need a screwdriver - so maybe a different model of KF lite.
                            Yes, if you are willing to go the RBA route, then its great


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                              Re: Total noob!!

                              He will be there sooner or later

                              By the way, this thread is a fine example of what a new vaper should be buying. Making it a sticky