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Spitbacks, gurgling and leakage in new Innokin ez watt.

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  • Spitbacks, gurgling and leakage in new Innokin ez watt.

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    Hi Indianvapers, i have bought an ez watt device 2 weeks ago. It was working fine but since last 3 days it started producing burnt smell, low vapour production, gurgling and spitbacks. I thought it might be the time to put on new coil. I did the same 6 hours ago and result is still the same even after changing ejuice. Gone to YouTube and found some videos on gurgling and spitbacks, tried using their tips such as placing tissue on air vents by putting tank upside down and then blow inside several times to remove flooding, but to my horror it hasn't worked and issue still persists.
    This is my 3rd vaping encounter and everytime due to leakage or quality issues i lost interest in vaping and resorted to smoking and ruined my health. This is by far the longest vaping experience of 2 weeks for me and i want to continue this by all means, so kindly someone provide me the solution or way out of this problem.


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    Gaurav bhai, the thing is, there are way too many variables when it comes to vaping. This and that and what not. The same tank may work absolutely fine for others, it may not work for you and the vice versa. If this particular tank is giving you problems, try some other tank. Most of us had to try multiple devices before we finalized one that "worked the best" for us. So, this is my suggestion to you. Please try some other tank if this one did not work for you.