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Import from fasttech com.

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  • Import from fasttech com.

    Hey guys, I want to know about fasttech.com.. I guess its cheap to buy from there.. So is it safe as I have never purchased any thing from international sites so i m in doubt.. If I order coils, tank glasses and any rba Deck or tanks will I be charged customs here in kolkata? Does it takes a lot of time to be delivered? Please help me out here with any tips and tricks.. GOD BLESS

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    Good day Jaywrat bhai!

    Thinking whether I should go with a lengthy answer or a short one ... let's go with the short one because lengthy one might confuse you.

    FT is a trusted seller, I have been buying through them since 2013. Never had a problem (except a few times when I got Authentic but B Grade stuff), most of the times they are spot-on.

    Customs .. that's always like a surprise. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Nobody can say for sure whether you will be charged customs or not. Go for the cheaper shipping options like SingPost, HK Airmail, Netherlands Post (PostNL), etc. Customs scrutinize premium shipping packages like a vulture but allows "free/cheaper shipping" packages to slip through at times. Most packages come through but some packages get confiscated. It would be better to get your stuff delivered to some other state (Gujarat, TN, etc) though. Just remember that with shipping to Kolkata from FT, most packages come through but there is a small chance of the package getting stuck in customs and a very little risk of the package getting confiscated.

    It would be best to buy locally because you wont have to mess around with customs and what not. But then you will have to pay a little extra if you buy locally.

    Shipping times are approximates and depend on a lot of factors .. this is how the shipping works ..

    FT Warehouse ----> Local Shipper (Quantium Solutions) ----> Main Shipper (Singpost/HK Airmail/etc) =========== 5-7 days
    Main Shipper ----> India =========== 5-7 days
    India Customs =========== 3 to 15 days
    India Customs ----> FPO (Foreign Post Office) ----> Local Post Office ----> Delivered to you =========== 3 to 7 days

    Now if we go with all goodie-good .. it would take 5 + 5 + 3 + 3 = 16 days
    If we go with any of those departments messing up ... would take anywhere from 16+ days to 45 days

    Again, most packages come through within 15 to 20 days but sometimes it takes longer. I guess, it all depends on the time of the year. During festivals, things get delayed because of way too many packages being sent around. The biggest delay is generally when the package hits the customs. Lazy bastards take a shitload of time to clear packages. I guess they rub the package hard in their anus in a hope to make many baby-packages? Oh well ...


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      Oh.. Thank You so much Bhayi for the help here... I guess for starters i will purchase locally den will move to FT once i m a bit sure... Btw one more question, many ppl say that one should not make payment through cards.. Only paypal is recommended for FT as its most secure.. Is it true.?


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        Payment through cards is not safe anyway, be it China or any other country. Millions of credit cards get stolen worldwide, way too many scammers out there. I've already experienced the worse a couple of times. Even last night some asshole tried to use my CC which was used on a couple of UK websites (had to block the card immediately). The internet is not a secure place to use your CC and definitely not easy to run behind assholes trying to find who exactly fucked up.

        I use Paypal mainly for doing most of my purchases unless PP is not an option for buying from a particular merchant. It is easier to get a chargeback through Paypal in case of an unauthorized transaction. Even for buying on Aliexpress, I prefer to first find a good trustworthy seller, then ask for the Paypal option, pay through Paypal and get the goodies within 45 days. If I don't get the goodies within 45 days, I file a chargeback on Paypal and get my money back.

        So yes, Paypal is the best option .. Bitcoins is the second option and using CC is the last of all options. Western Union or other modes of payment are a BIG NO!


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          Cool thanks man i appreciate ur help... btw i made my 1st batch of e liquids.. Yesterday I tried 2 of the recipes after steeping them for 2 weeks.. And I loved them both... I guess for the 1st timer i did it pretty well.. Waiting to taste The other two recipe as well if this goes well then will try my hands on making coils.. I have a tfv8 baby tank.. Thinking to buy one rba deck for it and strt from there.. If all goes well will buy a rda i guess any suggestions.?
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            Would suggest you to make a new thread for that discussion lol.


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