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Need some kit advice and purchase options

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    Originally posted by cannon_dt View Post
    Duuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddddddddeee !!
    22g 2.5 id 5 wrap .33 ohm coil. A wicking technique from YT (a bow tie thingie) and my ammit is rocking !
    No leaks. No spit back. Super flavour. Decent clouds
    Thanks man
    Glad to know it is working great for you bhai. Job well done


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      Originally posted by cannon_dt View Post
      Hope I got the right zero this time
      I do not understand what you mean by "calculate the added flavour". Each one shot concentrate I saw, comes with a recommended mix %. So here is my calculations
      For a 10 ml mix, if the concentrate says 15%,
      then the actual mix volumes would be
      1.5 ml of concentrate,
      8.5 ml of unflavoured base.

      That is it. Do you see anything wrong?
      yeah but accordingly your nic strength goes down by 15 percent. its all good if it doesnt bother you .
      m the OCD one here :P


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        So that means I got to do some calculations right? Some online calculator for DIY? Thanks for the heads up

        Your call on the id and 22g. Now I am thinking I should get more of that wire, got too much 26g


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          Can you help out with the DIY calculcations? I cannot seem to find a calculator for a pre mixed base


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