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i wanna squonk.

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  • i wanna squonk.

    so up till now i've only used all in one kits as the concept of fiddling with coils and batteries and box mods seemed like a chore to me. but the other day i watched the review of profile rda by wotofo and i must say the simplicity in building on it left me awestruck and i decided that i want it no matter what.
    now i m totally clueless when it comes to coil materials be it kanthal or ss or ni. and about the batteries as well.
    so i have a lot of rather simple questions.

    1) m planning to get a hugo asura with the profile simply because they both are two in one. profile can run mesh and standard coil and asura can run with or without squonking and furthermore it houses two batteries. so is it a good call?

    2)which batteries should i get. m gonna have to get it all at once so i cant be spending a ton on everything so suggest me some batteries which are safe, perform well and dont cost a fortune.

    3)i read at a few places that it can be used with standard mesh wire which translates to a much cheaper price than the strips wotofo is offering so i'd love to get a spool of it and a spool of clapton wire too to try out standard coils. question is , there is an overwhelming array of material and gauge when it comes to claponh and 100,500,300 something when it comes to mesh . so which ones should i get.

    thanks a lot in advance ,all suggestions are appreciated.
    and since i dont know anyone here with as much experience as you so m gonna go ahead and tag you AndyK
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    Funny .. you asked about the atty that I'm playing with these days. I have the Profile RDA and was thinking of doing a vid review of it today but couldn't do. Anyway, will do it's review tomorrow for sure. Will inform you when I am done

    I will also write it's review here on the forum. Take my word, that thing is a cloud machine and the building on that atty is ridiculously easy and fun
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      i know right. i never thought i'd ever even think about an rda but it looks like my 3 yr old niece could build on it.
      and i'll look forward to ur review and suggestions
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