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New to vaping, want suggestions

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  • New to vaping, want suggestions

    I'm a newbie, brought a ivape cirrus kit about 20-25 days back but it was giving some trouble so the ivape team is sending me a replacement.
    Got a smok AL85 a few days back, and have been using it for 3-4 days now. A few queries...

    1. Since it's a direct to lung setup it gives a strong hit in the throat which sometimes brings a bout of coughing. I'm using it at 40 watts, soft, air vent full open. I wasn't having this problem with the cirrus kit.
    Please suggest what settings should I use.
    2. It came with 2 coils - 4ohms and 6ohms.
    Please tell for how long the coils will last, and what coils should I further buy and from where.
    3. I got the base from Indian cape garage, they gave me 2 non nicotine eliquids, can I mix the non nicotine liquids with some high strength nic containing liquids?
    4. What would be the best strength, flavour of liquids to be used? And where to buy from.(I uses to smoke about 10 classic regular cigarettes a day and also consume pan masala with chewing tobacco)

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    One more thing..... I would be traveling to Mumbai and Pune in the next week, can I carry my vape on the plane? Specially as Maharashtra is state where vapes are banned

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