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First Mod - Advice n availability

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  • First Mod - Advice n availability

    Hi Folks,
    So, as I stated in the intro thread, I am a smoker for past 20 years and smoke almost 25-30 cigs a day. With the huge increment in cig cost, I resorted to cheaper variants over time. I stay in Pune
    One of my colleague bought a vaporesso Swag kit from Indian Vape Garage, and I have been trying it for a week. And it seems, a Mod could be the alternative to my cigs. So, I'm considering one.
    I am a person who does heavy research before buying anything, I have been doing so for past two weeks. And, instead of Pods and ego sticks, I decided to go for an RTA mod. I'm considering a dual battery mod for convenience. Below are the mods I have zeroed into
    1. Innokin Proton
    2. Veporresso Luxe with SKRR tank

    I may also add a Falcon Resin or a Freemax Max Pro tank later.
    Not much keen on Smok because I heard that the coil longevity is not much, which will increase the operating budget.

    Now the questions..

    1. What do you think about the choices?
    2. If later I decide to try out RBA or RTDA tanks, can these mod also be used?
    3. If I manage to ask one of my friend to carry it while coming back to india, with the recent ban, will that be a problem?
    4. If I can't, considering I stay at Maharashtra, what is my option to buy original items from India or abroad(shipping) without paying exorbitant price?
    5. If I go for falcon or freemax (tripple mesh coil) where can I buy original replacement coils for cheap?

    Thanks in advance...
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