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Newbie looking for advice! (Update)

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  • Newbie looking for advice! (Update)

    Hey Guys,
    So its been a month since I have been vaping..and there is good & bad news..
    The Good news first..there are days I dont even smoke (cigs) and even if I do its just an occasional drag from my buddies..however; that was till last week.. I have been having severe bouts of Sinus issues and due to that inflammed tonsils at regular intervals..
    Been through two courses of anti-biotics and other meds..they work..for some time..and the issue come backs again..Last week was pretty severe..went to a specialist and she suggested me to get off vaping for a while and see how things go.

    I am off vaping for more than a week now and the issues seems to be going away.. And now the bad news.. I am back smoking cigs..7-8 per day..

    Anyone else had these issues? I am guessing it could be the e-juice (allergy) and the spitback i have been getting when i vape (How do i stop that).
    Don't want to go back to smoking again..
    As mentioned earlier..I have a Revenger X kit with GT Core coils .. I vape at Normal Mode, 35-45 V, 70/30 VG/PG (right now i have couple of e-juices from Beard)..

    I actually love the flavor (Beard Green 3 - Ripe Melon with Custard) and really helped me in sticking onto vaping..

    Looking for suggestions with other brands/flavors similar to the one that i have right now. Also tips on how do i prevent the spitback while vaping.

    Thanks in Advance..

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