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A heavy marlboro red smoker

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  • A heavy marlboro red smoker

    Okay.. So here's a brief summary. Couple of years back, I read a few reviews of this particular mod 'Evolve Pro' and I had a Marlboro liquid which contained 12 mg nicotine, from what I remember. That actually helped me drastically reduce my cigarette intake (although I still ended up smoking 5 a day. But it fell from 20 to 5). Fast forward six months and the mod broke in such a way that it simply couldn't be airtight. The liquid was constantly leaking. When I asked Evolve, they simply said this wasn't covered under warranty and I'd have to buy a new device. This costed around 4-5k back then. I still have those e liquids. Atleast around 7-8 of them with 12 mg nicotine. My question is, is it possible to use those e liquids on a different base? What mod would you guys suggest for a heavy smoker? Kindly do advice. I was just looking up some of your newbie posts and might also give ready to go atomizers a try. If you have any reviews for particular atomisers, please share links.

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    Nic salt devices are cheap and more money efficient way.
    Can u post a link or a pic of the device that u were using ?

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      Wouldn't recommend using those eLiquids since they may have already expired. Shelf life of eLiquids, VG, PG, flavoring is normally 2 years from "manufacture" (not when they are mixed and sent to customers). So, your Marlboro eLiquid may be way passed the expiry date.

      It would be better to buy new eLiquids, it's our lungs where it all goes afterall. And I am strongly against Nic Salt eliquids, would suggest you to stick to freebase eLiquids, even if costly.

      For the mod, I would suggest to go with Aspire Zelos Mod (or kit). I have been vaping since last 9 years and I am still using the Aspire Zelos mod with a rebuildable MTL atomizer (Doggystyle RTA). But the Zelos kit comes with the Zelos mod and Nautilus 2 tank which comes with replaceable coil heads. You can use 1.6 ohm coils in the Nautilus 2, those 1.6 ohm are the best for MTL vaping.


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        Ended up trying a bunch of pods and mods, finally picked up a smok rha85 mod kit which has a dl feature and it gives some amazing hits. Bought a basic 12 mg e liquid 70/30 and loving that too. Any recommendations on the coils that I can use on this? And how I'd go about getting them since the ban? I'm based in hyderabad if anyone is reading this and wants to help me out,drop me a message. Cheers.


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          You are doing lung hits at 12mg? It is ok to do that once in a while but don't do that high nic on DL

          Well, stuff will still be available .. perhaps it will go underground.There are many vapers in Hyderabad. Hoping someone contacts you soon.


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