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Got myself the new OnePlus 5T Phone

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  • Got myself the new OnePlus 5T Phone

    I have used a number of different brand phones like the Sony Xperia line, Samsung Galaxy line, Xiaomi phones and a few other brands. But I have never been so happy with a phone like I am with my OnePlus 5 that I purchased some 3 months ago.

    There's only one thing comes up in mind after using it, What a Brilliant Phone!

    Oh man, the design, specifications, placement of buttons/switches, the sleekness, everything is near perfect! One thing that I found brilliant is that the phone does not slack even while using multiple apps, it's so fast that I hate using other phones now. Each swipe and click is like instantaneous! Another thing I loved is that the phone comes with the screen protection. I have used Xiaomi phones and you do get the screen protection film but then you have to apply it on your own. Not everyone can apply the screenguard that nicely and I wasted a few before I learned to put one correctly.

    Anyway, the OnePlus also has another brilliant feature, Dash Charging. Within 30 to 45 minutes, the phone charges to full! The charging is so fast, you can literally see the percentage going up visually. Many times when I have to leave for somewhere and the phone shows low on charge, all I have to do is hook up the charging cable and then change clothes. By the time I am ready to live, the phone is near full on charge. This is brilliant and have not experienced anything like this with any other phone I have owned till date!

    What more to say, the finger touch sensor, the smart flip cover, screenguard, etc all make up the OnePlus 5 and 5T one of the best phones in the price range Rs 35,000/-

    Reaaaally love both the phones I own

    If anyone is looking for a OnePlus 5T invite code:
    You can probably use this invite code and redeem Rs 1000 voucher so that you can buy the flip case without paying extra. Wish I knew about the invite code thingi, could have saved at least Rs 1000 on my purchase

    Anyone else here with OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T? Just checking ..
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    A bit too late but congratulations bhai! :P