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My Journey - From Smoking to Vaping

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  • My Journey - From Smoking to Vaping

    I had never ever thought that I would or coud ever give up smoking....Ever !!! Frustrated at my efforts to quit cigs, used to think......&quot;Yeh meri jaan leke jaayegi !&quot;

    The journey started when I was in the 11th, in junior college. As part of a dramatics troupe , i had to enact a smoking scene and my senior colleagues sort of guided me &quot;Pull into ur mouth n exhale&quot;.....and one thing led to another becoming a habit for over 32 years. From Gold Flake Kings, to Charms, Charminar, Four Square, Will Navy Cut, B&amp;H, Marlb, 555.....Ganesh beedi&#039;s....I had become a cig junkie. I needed to be reassured at all times that I had a minimum of a pack stashed away. Wasnt a good experience searching through Mumbai at 3 in the night for just 1 ciggy at the ST Stands. I had become a nervous wreck of sorts, a ciggy always between my fingers and I was fed up.

    It was my wife who pointed out E-cigs to me. I was highly sceptical at 1st, and didnt rush to buy what seemed to be the solution to my problem. The insecurity of losing my most beloved jaanenisaar cigarettes was immense. I&#039;d tell myself &quot;Everyone has to die someday, I choose to die smoking&quot;......just like a typical ostrich with its head in the sand. It was rather due to my wife&#039;s persistance that I finally agreed to research out E-cigs. What I came across intrigued me and i purchased my 1st e-cig, an ego-ce4. I tried it for half an hour and that was it. Since that moment ....till now, i have not smoked a cigarette, nor do I miss it. I started off with e-cigs with the same nic strengty as my Gold Flake Lights, 18mg and over a period of time have brought it done to 6mg. Feel so much more healthier, am able to take brisk walks and climb 7 storeys without going short on breath. My mouth n clothes dont stink, am not a pariah in the family any more.

    Its been a life-changing experience. And in the same breath, i ask other smokers to research E-Cigs properly, through the right sources, then try it and witness for yourself how e-cigs can make you healthier and life more fun.

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    Re: My Journey - From Smoking to Vaping

    That was an amazing read.

    I feel so much more positive about my decision of quitting smokes after reading this.

    Glad you took the right road. and glad i did too.

    Cheers to a healthy life;]
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