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Smoke free for 10 months

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  • Smoke free for 10 months

    I&#039;ve been a smoker for the past 25 years smoking almost 30-35 stinkies daily.

    Always wanted to quit smoking but never got to it as i knew that i would not be able to control the urge. Got lots of nicorette gums, thought about the patch but that is all in the mindset.

    Got to know about the vaping and gave it a try, been 10 months now and have been smoke free.

    Started with the EVIC VT, used it for some time, decided then to go for better kits, went onto the cuboid, heavy piece of load to carry around. ordered myself a lavabox dna200, amazing piece. still wasn&#039;t happy, got the vaporshark dna200 which is a great light weight beast.

    No doubt it is an addiction when it comes to hardware as you keep wanting to buy more and more but i think personally having to stay away from the cigarettes, it&#039;s worth every penny.

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    Re: Smoke free for 10 months

    Welcome to the IV family Kamal,

    Thanks for sharing your story! I think we can all relate to it. Quitting smoking was an uphill task for me too. I tried numerous times and even quit for periods as long as 2 years but always fell back. It was always so tough that when I would quit stinkies, I would get dreams and would light up a stinkie in my dreams. And when I used to wake up, would feel all shattered.

    Hell knows what they put in stinkies that it&#039;s such an uphill task to quit. Even tried lozenges and gums but guess what, you don&#039;t put nicotine in your stomach to deal with your psycho boner, it&#039;s all UP IN THE HEAD.

    Anyway, that&#039;s all in the past and we are in a much better situation now, thaks to E-Cigarettes

    Keep coming back and sharing bro!
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      Re: Smoke free for 10 months

      Congratulations on your success bro.


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        Re: Smoke free for 10 months

        Congrats kamal bhai ☺️


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          Re: Smoke free for 10 months

          Congrats man. I stopped cigs from jan of this year and been vaping since