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  • Quit..........Finally

    VapeMail juices UK
    I started smoking around 20 odd years ago. Was out looking for a Job and used to hang out with other guys who used to sit in groups and share a cig or two. As everybody was short of cash, we used to light one and take a drag and pass it around. Knew the dangers then.

    But I was like.....i can quit anytime i want. All one has to do is stop smoking.

    Then came the job. With the job came money, which was also used to buy cigarettes. I still remember how proud i was, walking up to that pan walla and asking for a whole pack. I was still like......i can quit anytime i want. All one has to do is stop smoking.

    Then after getting married, wife kept pastering me to stop smoking. But by then it had its grip on me. I needed one in the morning then every hour after that. Always stuck to one pack plus minus 2-3 cigs.

    Then two events happened that changed everything.
    1) Lost a friend to a Heart Attack (Was a smoker)
    2) Lost another Friend to a Heart Attack (Also was a smoker)
    Both within a year.

    and here i was...just couldnt quit. Was able to bring it down to 6 Cigs per day, but was not able to quit. Tried everything in the market, including alternative medicines. I was dabling aound in the internet when i came across Vapers and ECigs. I was like...why not.
    I got me one of those cheap starter kits with 6mg of Nicotine liquid. kept doing that for a month or so, substituting sometimes with a cigarette. Then more research.

    Then i got me a Kangertech Pangu and 18 mg nicotine liquid. And the vapour hit me like a hammer. BOOM. That was it, have not touched a cigarette since.

    Been a month and Half. have cut down from 18mg to 6mg till now. Sometimes even that seems excessive sometimes.

    and I am staying. No more cigarettes. Finished, Done. Gone.
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    Re: Quit..........Finally

    Congratulations on quitting the stickies. Welcome to the forum. I am also new here but this forum is great.

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      Re: Quit..........Finally

      Great to hear your story! Similar to mine where i started very late in my 2nd job, always thought i could stop anytime.

      But 10 years passed and i couldnt quit, started noticing massive drop in stamina in my sports activities. Finally managed to do it last dec with the help of this forum! And stamina- its like i am back to college days again[emoji3]

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        Re: Quit..........Finally

        Very inspiring story bro! I'm glad to read, can relate and associate myself with your story.

        It feels good to know people are enjoying a better life after quitting the stink out of their lives. I would still advice you to keep regular health checks like getting your cholesterol (TG, LDL, VLDL) levels checked once in every 6 months.

        Even after quitting stinkies, the damage prolongs for years. It is good to keep yourself checked for the first few years after qutting stinkies.

        Wishing you the best in life



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          Re: Quit..........Finally

          Truly said,

          As per my research, the nicotine and other chemicals from EACH cigarette stays in the blood stream for 6 months. That becomes cumulative to each cigarette one has within that time.

          Now, imagine, a person having a pack a day or two. how much it would have accumulated over 10-15 years. Don't expect it to go away anytime soon.

          Have started walking in the evenings with light exercises. thinking of getting me a cycle (just to go to the market, rather than taking the car or the bike).

          and most it is even better spending time with family and not hiding or running away to have a quick drag.

          that's the other thing I noticed. This does not smell (not like a cigarette), so one can go to friends house for drinks. make a quick trip to the loo and take a drag or so and nobody knows



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            Re: Quit..........Finally

            Yeah, go for a loo and come back with aroma of apples, coffee, chocolates, berries and what not

            Oh well, can vape anywhere without harming others with the passive smoke we used to do with stinkies .. Passive smoking is history


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              Re: Quit..........Finally

              Just amazing! Great job man, now just keep at it. I quit more than a year ago and let me tell you from experience. Life just gets better. Food tastes better, you finally get to breathe properly, lungs feel clean.... everything just feels clean. And when you get a craving at 2 am, no need to run to the pan guy. Life is simply better when not smoking and you will love it as you cross bigger milestones. Kudos!