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Vape "summit" in France

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  • Vape "summit" in France

    Dear all,

    I've been following up a bit the news in France (my native country). This week was full of positive news: mainstream media reported news like "e-cigs make regular e-cigs has been for the youths", or "doctors push the e-cigs as a valuable tool for treating tobacco addition", etc. For example:

    What happened? Last Monday, a meeting was organized, with a mix bunch of vape businesses, doctors, health minister representatives, and, of course, individual vapers. Journalists were obviously on the list of guests. It seems it was a big success, and the positive impact is impressive. The web site is here: .

    Usually, most of the news are about the battery explosions, bogus scitific researches, and the like. The government is very conservative on the topic, restricting the public places to vaping, not supporting it as a public health strategy, etc. There's a new EU directive which is clearly trying to break the industry and adoption in the public under lobbying of the big tobacco, on the top of that, but that's another topic.

    All in all, i find the situation there a bit similar than here in India and many countries: blinded mass media, a government driven by fear, which doesn't have a clue but is blocking by default (obviously lobbying or corruption behind it), assimilation of e-cigs to a tobacco product and other crazy allegations, etc. This kind of event, eventually, can help a big way.

    So, i was thinking that it might be an idea for the TFAAI: organizing a conference in the capital, inviting government representatives, doctors, journalists, and anyone who can be an opinion maker.
    Obviously that's a big big task, and i'm not the kind of person who can organize that...
    It's just an idea, maybe crazy, maybe not?

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    Re: Vape "summit" in France

    To be honest, we are a bunch of pussies. Well, most of us are (read between the lines). Leonardo had the balls to vape in front of media and that helped in pushing the draft. But here in India, don't see no celebrities vaping in public or in front of camera. We don't have the numbers and we have no idea how far vaping has reached in the government bodies. Not sure where to begin and what the consequences will be. We need support from at least some folks who are in key positions who have the sort of funds to organize conferences and all.


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      Re: Vape "summit" in France

      Celebs in a conservative country like India will never ever be allowed to do that by their PR people. Never going to happen. I know a certain singer who is extremely anxious about her smoking being made public knowledge. At the slightest sound or the sight of any stranger coming, she throws her cigarette away and goes into a panic attack.

      People work very hard to maintain their image and unless it is a celebrity like Jackie who does not give a fuck, you will struggle to find many who will risk their image. Even those like Amir Khan, who present the image of a great savior as nothing but put on personalities that are developed by their PR team.


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        Re: Vape "summit" in France

        Bass Bournvita pee lo aur fir "banega India". Boost is the secret of my energy, BC Boost na ho gya blue pill ho gayi. All these advertisements, blatant lies from the so called Indian icons put me in disgust and I feel like pissing on the TV set. Why the fck is the world like that? Where are fckng people's morals? Come on yaar, koi to aage aao! Koi to himmat dikhao! Ya maro jaake wapis tobacco pe :/


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          Re: Vape "summit" in France

          Mainstream media isn't in our hands. It's bad all around the world anyways, maybe even Leonardo's PR team was behind that move to highlight a fancy rebel attitude.

          What about the new kids on the block on youtube, like AIB and others? The kind of nonsense we are observing on vaping is so easy to make fun of, i'm sure they could find very funny stuff that would make people think over. They can grab few million viewers, mostly young educated crowd, that would be a good start.


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            Re: Vape "summit" in France

            Give me the link bro ... I'll ping them and request them to talk about vaping and it's benefits. We should all just pounce upon to anyone who has a base of subscribers on YT and FB and other platforms.