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    Re: Health Issues We Are Facing With Vaping

    Hello guys just here for some input ..
    With green tea capsules , taking Omega 3 on a regular basis will do you wonders .
    Everything will be right on track i am not promoting this stuff but its very good for health, it will reduce the TG ratio.
    and thats not it it will maintain the cholesterol level, well here is the link.


    take 3 capsules daily after having your food , i will post the picture of which i am using .

    Hope it helps


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      Re: Health Issues We Are Facing With Vaping

      well i do not know how to post a pic , but here is the link of what i am using .


      I got it cheeper though from my local vendor but still its not that highly priced , but the effects of it on our body are affluent.

      Thank You


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        Re: Health Issues We Are Facing With Vaping

        Hey.... I've been vaping since 1 week and I've developed very bad itching and very tiny bumps in groups on arms mostly... The itching however is through out the entire body... Did you have itching? I just started vaping and didnt try MTL... now I think I should quit DTL and start MTL.... I also read that high VG juice has this effect on some people.... I think I'm going to have to order 50/50 juice... all the juice I have are high VG.... Hope your condition improved...

        Originally posted by Jayk View Post
        I've had a few problems too, putting it down here.

        The reactions started about a month ago. A peculiar rash / inflammation would erupt on my body, no place in particular. Historically had a history of high cholesterol levels, so had started on organic concentrated green tea capsules. With the onset of these inflammations, decided to get my tests done again. Surprisingly, my cholesterol levels were under control, but my liver function tests were a small area of concern, with higher than normal sgpt sgot levels. On a particular vape meet, showed the inflammation due to Dr Sushant, a respected member of our community. He said it was due to my heavy lung hitting / subbing with high vg juices. Since i dont generally sweat, the oils from the vg seem to have got into my blood stream resulting in these inflammations. Was advised to refrain from chain vaping and lung hitting with heavy vg juices. Was prescribed antihistamines along with the general vitamins n stuff. Reduced my vaping to an hour per day, yet subbing tho, and the inflammations came under control. Today is the 2nd day that i am free from the inflammatory nightmares. Seems I have no choice but to go back to m2l vaping. Health

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          2 years back when I completely quit smoking and started vaping after a month I noticed that I was able to breath better and I was much more active in day to day activities only problem I face with vaping is with nicotine. I had itchy scalp when I was smoking and I still have it now when I am vaping nicotine eliquids but this problem wasn't there when I was vaping 0mg liquids so guess this problem is because of nicotine other than that no problems with vaping

          remember everyone drink a glass of water after you vape because vaping causes dehydration and high pg liquids causes more dehydration many problems are caused because of previous medical history and dehydration

          Stay hydrated and keep vaping


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            Hii. I would like to suggest to drink a lot of water if you all are vaping a lot, even if vaping less it’s better to drink 3-4 ltr of water it removes all the toxins and really helps. Try it’ll surely work.

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              Mayank bhai this is a year and half old thread. Let's not dig a dead horse


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