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Nicotine and ED

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  • Nicotine and ED

    Let's for a second forget about emphysema, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and lung cancer. Although these are a all life threatening effects associated with smoking (and not yet formally linked to vaping), lets discount them for the sake of this discussion. This by no means suggests that one must overlook the presence of other particles in vapour, like formaldehyde, that when inhaled in large quantities can be harmful.

    Let's focus on nicotine. Like most people here, I too have substituted smoking with vaping. It has been good so far since I have been taking in large quantities of nicotine. Although my stamina (running performance, your perv.) has increased marginally along with a slow recovery of the oral cavity; I don't see much improvements in the nether regions.

    Nicotine is a known vasoconstrictor, which means it reduces blood flow to different parts of the body. Again, this affects people differently. But the most common area for blood flow restriction, like all vasoconstrictors, is below the belt. What's worse is it allows plaque formation in arteries, making erectile dysfunction (ED) a long term effect.

    Now, one thing is for certain. Vaping today doesn't mean your closed for business tomorrow. It just means your shop will get smaller each day/month/year until you're closed for business. Lady-Vape/Nicotiners are luckier in this regard.

    For those men who are done procreating and fornicating, you can write-off ED to the price of getting old. But those who believe in men-no-pause, quitting nicotine is just a baby step forward if you have already quit smoking.

    I for one am definitely going to drop down to 3 mg/ml asap.


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    Re: Nicotine and ED

    Are all of those just 'speculations' or do you have any evidence of what you are saying is factual about vaping?

    I can relate 101 problems with vaping but what actually is the cause of the so called problems? Sedentary lifestyle? Yes, that is to be blamed for sure. People who spend longer hours sitting in one place can have higher cholesterol levels. But would it be appropriate to relate that with vaping? You can't even relate that to smoking anyway. What about people who don't smoke or who don't vape and have higher cholesterol levels? What about those who have never smoked or vaped and yet have ED?

    I vouch for dropping down nic levels but would you give any evidence (or share some reports or data) that proves Nic caused any problems? I mean, something to compare to like before vaping and after starting vaping.

    I have believed in a lot of things in the past .. VG is causing cholesterol, so one shouldn't vape higher VG. PG is causing me an allergy of some kind. Nic is creating me chest pains. But these are speculations, not factual data.

    I'm vaping 80% VG since last few weeks but also making sure that I brisk-walk 30 minutes a day. Guess what, 100% clean report. Cholesterol levels under control (or if you wish to use medical terminology: Lipids profile good. LDL and VLDL under control). LFT (Liver Functioning Test) absolutely fine. No pains, no breathlessness, nothing.

    Guess what, my sedentary lifestyle was causing all of those problems and those would've happened even if I weren't vaping.


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      Re: Nicotine and ED

      I accept that the scientific findings on vaping are still thin and more biased than not. However, the question here is about nicotine. Nicotine is a known vasoconstrictor. Which mean, it can, will and does lead to higher propensity of ED. The realms of this are subjective, that is to say, it does not affect all people the same way.

      What makes Vaping better than smoking - you can choose how much nicotine you want to inhale. This is a game changer. With smoking you don't have that control. In fact, people barely ever read how much nicotine they're smoking. With vaping you have the alternative of tapering it off.

      Now as far as proof goes, here are two journal articles that talk about smoking and nicotine in the context of ED: - this one is abridged unfortunately

      @AndyK, when it comes to personal experience, I've said as much as I wanted to in my first post. I'm not getting into hard data on this subject :-X :P


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        Re: Nicotine and ED

        Hi, this is valid issue to consider and addressing it might clear out some of the unspoken doubts others might also have. Here's my two cents into the discussion supported by my study of Pathology and Physiology during my undergraduate medical training.

        Smoking and it's association with ED (Erectile Dysfunction or impotence). Yes, there is a definite association between these two. But is Nicotine the culprit? Not necessarily.

        First idea to consider, which is quite often pointed out in many places, is that cigarette smoke contains numerous other things that are markedly more harmful than nicotine. The major culprits among them are CO (Carbon Monoxide) and Tar; apart from these there are traces of chemicals ranging from poisonous metals like Arsenic to pharmacological agents like MAOIs (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors, a drug used in psychiatry to cure depression aka an UPPER). So we have a virtual sambhar of chemicals involved, keep that in mind.

        Next point would be that apart from the immediate Lung damage (your Emphysema, COPD, Bronhectasis etc.,) that smoking does and the Carcinogenic nature (causing Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer among others) of some of the chemicals involved the most widespread damage due to smoking occurs due to the damage it causes to the blood vessel walls (the endothelial cell lining of the vessels) which causes the disease like Diabetes, Atherosclerosis and Coronary Artery Disease (which results in Heart Attack), Large and Small vessel Arteritis, Venous diseases and others.

        This damage is shown to occur through the release of some chemicals called "Inflammatory Mediators" that are released by the cells due to the damage caused by the cigarette smoke that is inhaled and not Nicotine per se, mind you. These are normally occurring chemicals that help in wound healing and such, but in smokers they are released in quite large amount that causes widespread damage to the blood vessel walls all over the body. These blood vessels gradually loose their flexibility, the damaged walls attract the attachments of the cholesterol (causing Atheroscelrosis) and may in the end become blocked.

        Looking at Nicotine per se, yes, it does cause a generalized vasoconstriction but this is only transient and reversible. And the way it causes the vasocontriction does not affect the vessels in the concerned area to that extent.

        Considering the papers you have linked. The second one mentions an association between the increased occurrence of the vessel related diseases among smokers among which is ED. The first paper is more interesting in that although it shows that there exists an independent correlation between smoking and ED (independent from other blood vessel related diseases i.e.,) accepts that there might be other factors, (apart from a bunch of biases they accept might be involved,) like hormonal changes involved (remember the MAOIs I mentioned?) The paper also quite frankly in the end mentions that the much publicized association between Smoking and ED is more for its psychological impact than on a scientific basis.

        Of note though is the fact that neither paper mentions nicotine anywhere and the correlations mentioned are with smoking as a whole.

        I hope this rather long post was not boring or too heavy with medical terminology, I tried my best and hope it brings a modicum of understanding to those concerned and puts to rest any doubts or worries.

        Is smoking associated with ED? Yes.
        Is nicotine the culprit? Highly unlikely, there are better suspects.
        Is vaping nicotine going to make it difficult to pitch the proverbial tent? Not on it's own, no.
        Source? Trust me, I'm a doctor.

        Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is educational rather than of any diagnostic use. If you have any medical issues, please approach your doctor for advice.

        I am also not claiming that vaping nicotine is safe or healthy. It needs further tests and researches to completely rule out any harmful effects it might have. My purpose was to elucidate some differences between cigarette smoking and vaping.