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Why so many haters?

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  • Why so many haters?

    It is commonly known that the effects of vaping are largely unknown.

    Vaping is still ~9 years old. It would take several decades of prospective research to establish the effect/long-term effects of vaping.
    Even still, so many studies released by institutions of varying prominence are coming out against vaping.
    Here's one by the somewhat prestigious American Physiological Society that I recently read.

    So I thought it would be important to discuss, Why so many haters?
    Definitely not!
    I can control the damage with my mod.
    I don't know for sure.

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    Re: Why so many haters?

    Big Toabacco > Pays huge tax to govt > Govt happy > Big Tobacco Happy

    Big Pharma > Tobacco makes people sick > Big Pharma Happy > Pays huge tax to govt > Govt happy > Big Pharma Happy

    It's all about tax. Everybody (except the end user) is happy with tobacco sales and tobacco consumption. The end user pays for everything.

    Vaping > Lesser Harmful > People switching over > Big tobacco sad > Big pharma sad > Govt upset


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      Re: Why so many haters?

      I for sure know that VAPING is less harmfull then smoking and we just need to make sure we are using good quality eliquids


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        Re: Why so many haters?

        Yes, hoping to see more quality vendors like Ali Murtaza Zaidi and a few others.


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          Re: Why so many haters?

          The latest studies from NYU have revealed that vaping makes you more handsome. Doesn't matter how short, fat, bald or just plain ugly you are, A vape a day, keeps the pretty girls in bay. I used to look like shrek but now with my new Smok VTC plus v3.2 Topilus mini 400 watt TC mod, all girls look at me like I am Jon Bon Jovi!

          TLDR: Vaping saves lives and stops you from smoking. And smoking makes you ugly.


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            Re: Why so many haters?

            Just saying, but I think a tactic that works globally and especially in India, is to get the ladies involved. When the ladies do it (especially the attractive ones), there's at least 20 potential convertees right behind them. *shrug* C'est la vie!
            Where's your will to be weird?


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              Re: Why so many haters?

              Let's get some vapin chicks onboard

              I'm sure we already have some but not all of them are brave like Atrei Chatterjee. Fact!


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                Re: Why so many haters?

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