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Vaping 95% safer than smoking

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  • Vaping 95% safer than smoking

    Ok Lads it is official.

    This is a huge step forward for Vaping. Guardian is a massive publication and for them to validate vaping is fantastic. I am desperately hoping that this is picked up some of our own Indian media. If you know anyone who works in reporting media please forward it to them.

    This a crucial step as tobacco companies have been lobbying to get Vaping banned in Europe for a while now. In Australia it is already more or less so and also in some states of the US. Hopefully we are not subjected to such a fate.

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    Re: Vaping 95% safer than smoking

    The source: . A must download for every one who feels a bit involved in the community IMHO!

    I browsed it quickly: it's big and detailed, very well made, and covers a lot of social and health related topics of ECigs.
    The report takes very strong positions in favor of e-cigs. That's a great news for our community, and the fact that it's issued by the health ministry of UK is absolutely remarkable.

    Check the chapters about the risk of "gateway", the market regulations, etc.

    Lots of international media coverage from this report... but i didn't find anything in India. Self censorship?