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Asthme problems caused by vaping

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  • Asthme problems caused by vaping

    Hello vappers !

    I want to share my experience with vape. I started with a very slow power vape machine to stop smoking cigarettes then I started to increase the power of the mod to endup with a rebuildable coil at 35 watts and a 3mg nicotine liquid with 50% PG / 50% VG which produced a quite big vapor cloud.
    After around one year and a half I had a severe crisis of asthme, I nearly had to call emergency as I couldn't breath... I've never had asthme before in my life. I decided to stop vaping and my asthme crisis stopped. I started asking other vapers around and found other people that had asthme when they were kids and that were vaping and told me the vape was doing their asthme worst.

    I want to warn you that breathing something our bodies are not made for can cause health problems... no mather if it's vape, smoke from cigarettes or if we work on a glycerine factory inhalating vap from the machines.


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