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Minor Health Problems, Is Vaping Affecting My Health?

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  • Minor Health Problems, Is Vaping Affecting My Health?

    Everyday is a discovery day, something new to learn. Forget that we are experienced enough to know it all, we all get enough chances to learn something new everyday. We picked up vaporizers to get away from something that's very harmful (smoking). However, over the time, you would experience some issue or the other with vaping.

    In the past, I used to jump conclusions and just put everything on vaping. It's just natural, humans have a habit of relating things and generalizing stuff. "Oh chest pain, it must be vaping. Vaping is bad!"

    I'm writing this post just for that very reason. Vaping is not as bad as we may have concluded at times. This is a touchy subject and I will try to stay unbiased and share my experiences which may first look a bit worrying but read it through, this will help you for sure.

    Your health mainly depends on your lifestyle. The sort of job you do, the sort of activities you do throughout a day, eating and sleeping times, etc etc. My job has been to sit before a computer, work for long hours, sleep late but wake up early cutting my sleep hours, etc. My Triglycerides have always been a thing of worry for me. But is it because of vaping? Well, may be. Your TG are up too and you think it could be because of vaping? Well, may be..

    But stop right there and begin thinking about your lifestyle. If there is anything that has to be blamed, it is your lifestyle. Fix your lifestyle and most things are fixed automatically. I fix my lifestyle, sleep on time and wake up on time, no problems! I cut my sleep hours, don't eat on time, don't go for workouts, does not matter whether I smoke or vape, I'm gonna have some health problem or the other to deal with.

    Funny thing .. I have been experiencing some health problems since last few weeks regardless of my heavy workout in mornings and evenings. I have been going head over heels to know why I feel mild chest pains? Why do I feel my energy levels low? I have been trying to figure this out since last few days and finally I did find what was causing it.

    This is not the first time I have experienced this sort of a change. In the past too, when I felt such mild chest pains, something I did which brought things back to normal.

    So here it is .. if you experience mild chest pain or anything out of the ordinary, change your eLiquid. Write it down in big letters, CHANGE YOUR ELIQUID.

    And please, don't begin thinking that your eLiquid scks and the person/company that made it, used some low quality stuff or something. Let's just say, it did not suit you. Not everything will go just fine with your body, just change your eLiquid.

    By no means I'm trying to say don't get your checkups done. Please do that too, just to ensure that everything is ok. So here are a few things that you should do in case you feel any issues like some pain here or there, etc.

    1. Change your eliquid and try anything else.
    2. Make your lifestyle better. Don't stay awake late hours (oh the irony, look at the time of this post! Jeez, it is hard to manage myself lol).
    3. Get your TG, LDL, VLDL (lipids profile) done every 6 months and also get your LFT done.
    3. Workout. No, don't have to go do some crazy pushups, don't have to run to gym either. Just some morning brisk walk and evening brisk walk will keep you fit.
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    With all that said, I think there is something with Rhodonite concentrate from ChefsFlavours.co.uk

    Either it did not suit me (may be I'm allergic to something in that concentrate) or there is really something wrong with it. By the way, there are many people who have tried Rhodonite concentrate in their eLiquid and they did not find any issues with it. So, I'm inclined to believe that Rhodonite did not suit me. I'm going to avoid it from now.


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      Bhai, I am thinking it should be acidity. Try taking some PPI tablets. If you have been Tobacco flavors, then it is most likely the cause, since these flavors are highly acidic. I am not a doctor, but I had the same issue but it got resolved after I took PPI tablets and stopped eating spicy foods.
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