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Vaptio C-Flat, The Best Pod System of 2018!

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  • Vaptio C-Flat, The Best Pod System of 2018!

    Pod Systems are extremely popular these days and no wonder they are so popular. Pod systems are economical, easy to use, easy to carry and they work! If any smoker asks me nowadays, which vaporizer is best to make the switch from smoking to vaping, I suggest them to buy a pod system. Out of all the pod systems I have tried so far, Vaptio's C-Flat has stayed at the top of my preferred devices. So far, I have tried the Vaptio C-Flat, Phix pod system, the Sigelei Fuchai V3, Wismec MyJet, Suorin Air and a few others. Vaptio C-Flat and Suorin Air are my most favorite of all. While the Suorin Air is so discreet, C-Flat is so stylish and gorgeous!

    There are a few companies that I have always loved, I live by their quality. Aspire, Innokin and Vaptio are my favorite companies because these companies produce only the top quality products. Anyways, writing this review for the C-Flat to introduce you to the ultimate pod system of today!

    Vaptio's quality is second to none! I have used many of Vaptio's products (Wall Crawler, The Bat Kit, C-Flat pod, SpinIt pod and a few other products). Each products screams out quality!

    Vaptio C-Flat Gold Pod System

    Website: https://www.vaptio.com
    C-Flat Pod System: https://vaptio.com/catalogue/c-flat_558/

    The C-Flat is such an elegant device offering a perfect MTL cloudy juicy vape! The material is so good, the mouth piece is so appealing, feels good while vaping. The circuit is absolutely fantastic and what I love the most, there is no chance of eLiquid running inside the pod system, the device is sealed below the tank.

    The pods (tanks) are refillable, this is a very good option! You can refill the tank whenever you run out of eLiquid. I have refilled the tank tens of times and the coil still goes strong. In between I had to wash the tank once to remove the gunk. The coils installed in the tank are very good quality, that's why I don't have to replace the pod too often, takes tens of refills before you need to replace the pod.

    Vaptio C-Flat Black Pod System

    The battery installed inside the pod system is of very good quality. The LED flashes whenever the battery goes down or when it needs a recharge. All of the functionality is flawless in this cute pod system.

    That's not all, the flavor is amazingly awesome on this cute pod system. The draw is not too tight, which allows you to have a mouthful juicy vape with excellent clouds. I have not experienced such thick clouds on any other pod system so far. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Vaptio C-Flat is a CloudsBro Pod System

    Really love it so much!
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