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3 step Foolproof Way To Wick The OBS Engine RTA!

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  • 3 step Foolproof Way To Wick The OBS Engine RTA!

    Step 1: Length of the wick
    Here’s the trick. Place the scissor right next to the base of the deck and chop the wicks. This is an easy way to measure the length that would ensure that the wicks fall below the juice channels.

    Step2: Thinning the ends
    I always thin the ends of the cotton wicks so that juice can travel up quickly. To do that, I separate about 1/4th of the wick from the rest and chop it off. Very similar to what I did in my Avocado wicking tutorial.

    Step3: Making space in the juice channels

    Using an Allen Key or a small screwdriver, tuck the wicks into the juice channels. Make sure they go fully in, forming a smooth waterfall shape. Nudge the key/screwdriver in the juice channels a couple of times so that there is space for the air to travel. This helps juice flow upwards smoothly.
    And that’s it. You are done.

    Click here to see the full length tutorial with pictures.