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New to vaping, what should I do?

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    Originally posted by AndyK View Post

    Wouldn't really suggest doing that. The flavor will drop too if you mix water to your eLiquid. Secondly, water increases throathit by a good margin. I hope you haven't already tried mixing water .. or did you?
    Naah reddit stopped me from doing that.
    I have grown accustomed to 35 mg Nic salt and keeping in mind each Gold Flake Kings has about 10 mg of Nicotine I would say I drastically reduced my Nic intake as I am using less than 1ml per day.

    More than a week since 27th Oct and the original 1 Ohm coil of the Breeze 2 is still working.
    Got a new juice Vapetasia Royalty II (Vanilla, Hazelnut, Tobacco, Custard) in 5 mg strength and it is very nauseating with its overly rich flavor with a base of hardcore tobacco. I set up a new 1 Ohm coil in a replacement pod with this juice and the juice was leaking through the coil chimney right into my mouth which is horrible IMHO.
    The Naked 100 though a bit tasteless works well enough for the Nic hit.
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      So my first Aspire Breeze 2 1.0 Ohm Nic salt coil lasted exactly for 2 weeks. Strangely I didn't get the usual dying coil symptoms i.e. spitback/burnt cotton taste.
      The vapor production reduced drastically but the pod was heating up.

      Funnily enough I can't stand ciggies any more. Tried taking a couple of puffs from a colleague's Gold Flake Kings(which was my poison of choice till date) today and it tasted like bitter shit.

      Till now I have tried out the following liquids-
      Naked 100 Green Blast 50/50 VG/PG 35 mg Nic salt- My first e-juice which has been daily driver till now. Very neutral taste with a manageable Nic hit.
      Vapetasia Royalty II 50/50 VG/PG 50 mg Nic salt- Very rich and harsh. Pawned it off to another converted guy who's used to Charminar.
      Naked 100 Brain Freeze 50/50 VG/PG 35 mg Nic salt- 35 mg is my sweet spot but this one has an overpowering menthol base and it doesn't suit my palate. So out it goes too.

      Got delivery of 2 more Naked 100 flavors today which I will be trying out next-
      Hawaiian Pog and Really Berry (both 50/50 VG/PG 35 mg Nic salts)

      BTW the Aspire Breeze 2 seems to be tapering off in taste when the charge starts going down after a full charge.

      The brand new Nautilus AIO is a constant wattage device but doesn't seem to be available as of now.

      Any idea about Aspire Spryte 2?
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        No idea about the Aspire Spryte 2, haven't tried it yet Marcus. But I'll check the reviews on it.
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          Originally posted by AndyK View Post
          No idea about the Aspire Spryte 2, haven't tried it yet Marcus. But I'll check the reviews on it.
          Problem with these devices is that on Reddit you get amplification of bad experiences (which may be a small percentage of the total no. of devices in circulation) over a long period of usage .e.g I saw a lot of bad feedback for the Breeze 2 which works perfectly for me.
          As for the Youtube reviewers it seems to be me like they're all paid off and you don't hear much in terms of negative feedback.

          As for the new juices I tried out Hawaiian Pog which is supposed to be the best naked 100 liquid as per Reddit. Pulled a couple of puffs and realized that the base flavor Passion fruit which everyone goes gaga about is an exotic flavor for firangis but its a bloody guava which is basically a slumdog in the Indian fruit hierarchy. LoL

          However this flavor gives a better throat hit compared to say Green Blast.


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            I have never resorted to Reddit for reviews. Honestly, that place is plagued with marketers and disgruntled customers. Normally people wont care to post their views in case they like something. It's only when something goes out of the ordinary, people jump over to such places to drop turd. Let's not even talk about YT .. ALL are paid reviews.

            I have always resorted to places like FastTech Forum and similar places where nobody gets paid to say goodie-good stuff. You get to read nothing but true opinions from real customers. And FT staff allows people to post whatever they want to post. This is one reason why I LOVE fasttech forums.

            And yes, flavor is a very subjective thing. What may work for me, may not work for you. In fact, most eLiquids I have bought from overseas, didn't like them much. Probably 60% eLiquids would be totally off-taste. There is a reason for that. We have nothing to relate to with those flavors. We haven't ever had those drinks or beverages or bakery stuff here in India. So we can't really relate it to anything. 7 years ago, I used to wonder what would mocha, coolada, yada yada would taste like. When I got those flavors, damn I thought, "This is what they call awesome?" Mehh..