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New to vaping, what should I do?

This is a sticky topic.
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  • New to vaping, what should I do?

    This tutorial is for total newbies who have been smoking and just came to know about vaping and wish to switch over.

    First of all, Congrats! You are switching over (or thinking to switch over) to a better alternative. With that said, remember one thing, vaping may appear a bit expensive in the beginning because you will be buying vaping gear for the first time but in the longer run, it will turn out cheaper if you give enough time to explore and learn.

    In the beginning, things may overwhelm you because there is a LOT to know and learn. The best thing to do at this time is research and ask questions in a community like this. Do not spend money in a hurry. Do not just jump on to any conclusions without researching properly. Give yourself enough time to understand what's what. Here are a few basic questions answered for you that may help you in understanding what actually vaping is.

    What are eCigarettes?

    A simple answer would be, it's a battery + atomizer + eLiquid. Battery to power the atomizer. The atomizer will hold eLiquid and when you press the switch on the battery, the atomizer will be activated and will begin evaporating eLiquid giving a smoke-type feeling. And if your eLiquid has some nicotine in it, you will get the nic content too which will give you almost cigarette type of feeling.

    What is a battery?

    It's a battery, simple. It may not be like your AA or AAA battery that you see in daily life but it's somewhat similar in a different shape. Most ecig batteries are cylindrical but some are square, rectangular, etc. It's function is just to power the atomizer. When you attach an atomizer to the battery module, you are ready to fire the device. And if there is some eLiquid in the atomizer, you are ready to vape.

    Check this topic for buying batteries: 18650 Batteries Best For Vaping

    What is an atomizer?

    An atomizer is a housing for holding the coil, wick and eLiquid.

    • COIL - The purpose of the coil is to evaporate eLiquid. When a user presses the switch on the battery, electricity is passed to the coil. The coil glows up because of the resistance just like the coil glows up in your room heater. When the coil glows up, it also heats the wick which is carrying eLiquid from the tank above/below. This heat from the coil to the wick, evaporates the eLiquid.
    • WICK - The purpose of the wick is to carry/supply eLiquid from the tank to the coil. It's the link between the eLiquid in the tank and the coil.
    • ELIQUID - It's a mixture of VG, PG and/or nicotine. We will discuss this further in this article.

    Some atomizers are rebuildable and some are not. From rebuildable I mean, something that a user can rebuild on it's own. On a rebuildable atomizer, you can rebuild your own coils and wicks but that's advanced stuff. In the beginning, you should stick to a non-rebuildable one, something which is ready-to-vape.

    What is eLiquid?

    eLiquid is a mixture of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, flavor concentrate and water. Some eLiquids have more ingredients in them but what I've stated are the basic ingredients.

    • Vegetable Glycerin - VG when heated up, provides vapor clouds that give you the feeling of smoke. It's a commonly used substance that people have been using since ages. Glycerin is used in foods, cosmetics and many other products. It has been classified a non-toxic and a safe product.
    • Propylene Glycol - Propylene glycol is also used in the food industry and cosmetics since years. It adds to the throathit similar to the throat sensation you get when you smoke. It has been classified a non-toxic and a safe product.
    • Nicotine - Nicotine gives you the satisfaction because your body is habitual of a certain quantity. Although in high concentration, it can be lethal but in vaping products, the quantity is lesser than what you get from regular cigarettes. A regular cigarette has 18mg nicotine whereas, most people vape a quantity much lesser than that in eCigarettes.
    • Flavor Concentrates - Flavoring we all know, is to add some fun. You can add different USP approved food flavors in your eLiquids as per your liking. Again, the percentage is very little from 1 to 10% in general.
    • Water - Some people add water to their eLiquids to reduce sweetness or even to increase throathit. A few vapers believe that adding water to their eLiquids helps in increasing throathit.

    What should I buy?

    This is the basic question that everyone asks. The answer is, research and ask! We're all unique and we have our own likes and dislikes, and of course, depends on how much money are you wiling to spend. You may get started with any eGo or Evod kit but is it really the one you are looking for? May be someone can suggest something better that can keep you going on for at least a year before you feel the need of buying something better. Not saying that eGO kits and Evod kits are not helpful, they may help you staying off the stinkies but there could be something better. So, first of all, research! And if you have any doubts, ask questions before buying anything expensive.

    Whatever suggestions you get from others, research on them. Check reviews of the stuff on popular sites like where thousands of customers buy products and write reviews. Learn from the discussions mentioned on each product whether it is going to be a good investment or not. So here's what you would need to get started:

    • A device or a battery to power your setup.
    • An atomizer to hold and evaporate eLiquid.
    • eLiquids based on your flavor choices.

    Where should I buy?

    That is totally your choice! Go through the different sections on this forum and you can easily find out which place is better to buy your setup from. You can search on Indian eCig websites or search on Fasttech or browse through the Want To Sell forum here. The choice is yours. I buy from FastTech but you may buy from anywhere you like to. If you don't know where to buy, you can ask specific questions and experienced folks will chime-in to answer your questions. Just remember, don't throw away your money without properly researching and comparing the quality &amp; prices.

    Here are a few sites from where you can buy Vaping Gear:

    FastTech -
    GearBest -
    FocalEcig -
    3FVape -

    But it's too expensive!

    Of course, in the beginning you will find everything expensive. But think about it for a second. If you are smoking 10 or 20 cigarettes a day and spending almost Rs 3000+ a month on stinkies, is your vape-gear expensive? You invest that much money once and then all you spend on is the atomizer heads and eLiquids. Calculate the expenses yearly, you are going to save a good amount of money and health. Don't forget, you are saving on your health too which is priceless. Am I correct? I may be. Although I wouldn't say vaping is completely safe because you are still consuming nicotine which is a vasco-constrictor and has it's own effects on the body but still better than taking 4000+ chemicals that you get from stinkies. So weigh your options wisely, see what kind of budget you have and make your selection based on the parameters discussed here

    Should I buy a mech mod and rebuildable atomizers?

    Mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers are for experienced folks. Unless you really know what you're doing, I wouldn't recommend getting your hands on mechs and rebuildables, leave them for experienced folks. Once you are experienced enough, then try to put your hands on the advanced stuff. There is a lot involved when it comes to mechs and rebuildables, read the mech mods and rebuildables guide to understand what I'm saying.

    What are rebuildables?

    Atomizers that you can rebuild on your own. Down the line a few months later when you're experienced and know what's what, you will be ready to buy and use rebuildable atomizers. Keep a steady approach to the rebuildables, these are advanced atomizers and you will need a ton of accessories to get going. Again, read the mech mods and rebuildable atomizers guide to know more.

    I hope I have covered all the aspects and questions related to getting started. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reply to this tutorial.

    Suggestions for new vapers

    We have tailored these suggestions after loads of experience, these devices may work for you if you are totally new to vaping or switching over from eGO type to advanced mods and atties.

    Mod: Joyetech Evic VTC Mini 80 Watts - FT (SKU 3331700) - FT will ship the upgraded 75W mod, not the 60w.
    Ready-to-go Atomizer: Nautilus Mini (SKU 1861800) or Aerotank (SKU 1806904)
    Rebuildable Atomizer: KF Lite (SKU 1605200)

    (Please note, with a ready-to-go atomizer, you will need to buy spare replacement coil heads. With a rebuildable atomizer, you will need to order Kanthal wire and organic cotton).

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    Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

    What is a regulated eCig mod?

    There are many different types of &quot;batteries&quot; available that I talked about earlier (see above). Some batteries (or devices) are simple and provide the same sort of voltage. For example, eGO batteries provide 3.7 volts. The battery provides 3.7 volts when fully charged and the voltage dips down as you go on using it. However, you cannot change the voltage/wattage up or down on your own.

    However, some newer devices allow a user to Up or Down the voltage or wattage, allowing more control over the device and ultimately, more control over vaping. Here, a user is in full control of the voltage or wattage they wish to use.

    We call such devices &quot;variable voltage or variable wattage&quot; devices/mods or simply regulated eCig mods. Regulated mods are also called APV - Advanced Personal Vaporizers. Such mods have electronic circuit boards in them that allow a user to change the voltage or wattage of the device. I would highly recommend newbie vapers to buy a variable wattage device right in the beginning rather than buying an eGO style battery kit or a mechanical device.

    There are many such devices available at the time of this write-up. For example, MVP 3.0 30 watts, eLeaf iStick 30 watts and many more devices. APVs are marginally expensive in comparison to eGO kits but worth buying so that you do not have to worry about buying an upgraded device in the near future. Your investment will go a long way.


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      Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

      Couldnt agree more Andy bhai


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        Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

        good one andy.. you have taken time which is precious to write this post, very appreciated


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          Re: New to vaping, what should I do?



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            Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

            One suggestion for all new comers - please DO NOT buy a sub ohm tank or any tank with a large air flow hole, as your first purchase. As you are not used to lung hits, you will mostly find it very difficult to vape leading to coughing and discomofort. Buy tanks like the nautilus mini, aerotank, etc.
            If you want to directly jump into the rebuildable bandwagon, then go for a kayfun lite.
            DO NOT buy the kanger subtank, subtank mini, delta II, aspire atlantis, etc. in the beginning.
            After sometime you can go for one of these tanks if you feel like experimenting with lung hits.


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              Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

              Kalc bhai, let's add a few atomizers for newbies right in the first post of this thread .. Perhaps then we can guide new vapers to this thread and they can read what may work the best for them. Would save a lot of time for us and them.

              One is KF Lite for M2L .. any other atties you would like to suggest to newbie vapers bro?


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                Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

                Yes bhai, as i said nautilus mini & aerotank or similar ones - afc is important - in the nonrebuildable section.
                For rebuidlable , i would suggest KF lite, maybe you think russian 91% is close? Then you can add that also.
                A rank new comer cannot jump into lung hits - mostly , there may be 10% exceptions, but most of them will have a very hard time I guess people see Twisted 420 vaping at 70W and they want to do that on the first day


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                  Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

                  Alright bhai, added suggested products to the first post of the thread


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                    Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

                    Nobody can wrong with KFL. should be recommended to every beginner vapor.


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                      Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

                      This is probably a very newbie questions but when we talk about rebuildables, this is referring to the atomisers that come with the wicking material etc where you can rebuild it yourself, not the clearomisers like the aerotank etc which come with ready made coil heads even though you could technically take them apart and rebuild them yourselves anyway right?

                      Sorry been watching and reading too much info which makes me overthink and confuses me :/


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                        Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

                        Yes rba refers to atomisers ( tanks or drippers ), where you build on the deck using your own cotton ( mostly ) and wires


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                          Re: New to vaping, what should I do?



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                            Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

                            Hello Andy and greetings all!

                            Nice detailed post. I am VERY new here, (at the time of this writing, about an hour old), however my forays into the RC hobby taught me a few things. Allow me to correct you on the batteries aspect.

                            There are many different types of &quot;batteries&quot; available that I talked about earlier (see above). Some batteries (or devices) are simple and provide the same sort of voltage. For example, eGO batteries provide 3.7 volts. The battery provides 3.7 volts when fully charged and the voltage dips down as you go on using it. However, you cannot change the voltage/wattage up or down on your own.
                            1. Lithium Ion batteries range around 3.7V and that&#039;s true. However, this is only a median voltage/reference.
                            2. ALL Lithium ion batteries such as the 18650 or the eGo kits will be around 4.2V when fully charged and around 3.2V when completely drained. Anything below 3V indicates a dead or sleeping Li-ion battery.
                            3. The output of most mods is around 5V which is the industry standard of circuit operation.
                            4. I think it wise to correct these issues in your post as they can lead to confusion to newbies when they first pick up vaping.

                            On a different note, this is a beautiful site and people seem to be nice and friendly as well.


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                              Re: New to vaping, what should I do?

                              Good info ripplescales, thanks for sharing buddy. Nice for the first post

                              About the new/old thing .. it's all a matter of time. We were all new to something or the other. We learn new things everyday no matter how experienced we are. Your post is a fine example of that

                              Welcome to the IV forum and hoping we continue to share information from our own experiences.