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Battery shipping from fasttech.

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  • Battery shipping from fasttech.

    Hello, I'm new here and i need to know if fasttech has suspended the shipping of hazardous goods items like batteries trough their free shipping service to india. (Mumbai)
    The items in the cart were Samsung INR18650-25R (4pack)*(Two separate orders)
    The shipping address are grayed out. For India (Mumbai)
    Please redirect me to an alternate website to purchase these batteries if they are no longer shipping these items to india.
    [img width=600 height=608][/img]

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    Re: Battery shipping from fasttech.

    yeah fasttech does not ship batteries to India


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      Re: Battery shipping from fasttech.

      Yes no shipping batteries any more. You can get in touch with @JayK on this forum if you'd like the batteries. He has them I think. Also you can check his website

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        Re: Battery shipping from fasttech.

        What about mods with included batteries...?


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          Re: Battery shipping from fasttech.

          FT can ship mods with inbuilt batteries. Only shipping of standalone Li-ion batteries is stopped. None of the shippers are accepting standalone battery packages because they can't clear through Indiot Customs :/