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Which Shipping Service Is Best to India From China?

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  • Which Shipping Service Is Best to India From China?

    This is a question that every new vaper asks. I have answered this question here and on the Facebook community many times. So thought of putting it all down here so that people don't have to ask this question over and again. Hoping this will help people understand which shipping service is the best to India from China if they plan to order their eCigs from China.

    To keep it short, HongKong Airmail is the best and will take the least possible time to deliver your packages from China to India. It's a very efficient logistics service and most of the merchants send merchandise free of cost through Hong Kong airmail.

    Now the question, why is Hong Kong Airmail the fastest logistics service?

    Most ecigarette manufacturers and ecig sellers in China are located in Hong Kong. Their main offices and warehouses are located in Hong Kong.

    All shipping services (be it HK Post, SingPost, Malaysian Post, Netherlands Post, China Post or any other shipping service worldwide) have a policy. They "have to" carry the package to their homeland first and then route the package to the destination. So if you order from a merchant located in Hong Kong and choose Netherlands Post, the shipping service will take the package to Netherlands and then route to India. Same goes with SingPost, Malaysian Post and other logistics services.

    This adds a lot of extra time, the package will stay in transit for a very long time. Obviously, a package being carried from Hong Kong to Netherlands and from Netherlands to India, will take a lot more time then a package simply shipped from HongKong to India. This is the reason, if you are ordering from a Hong Kong merchant, then Hong Kong Airmail will deliver your package the fastest.

    For example, if you are buying from, their warehouse is located in HongKong. So if you choose Hong Kong Airmail while placing your order with FastTech, your package will be quickly delivered at the office of HK Post. Then the package will come directly to India rather than going any other place. This will cut down delivery times by weeks. You will get your package much faster.

    SingPost is also a good option while purchasing from a merchant located in Hong Kong since Singapore is not too far off. The package will be taken from Hong Kong to Singapore first and then routed to India.

    I hope this clears the air for many new vapers who plan to (or wish to) buy their ecigarette products from China. If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Vape on!