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Best ohm for mouth to lung vapes

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  • Best ohm for mouth to lung vapes

    I'm a new vaper, 2 months old, to be specific.

    Just want to know the following related to ohms.

    1. What is recommended ohms for mouth to lung vapes
    2. What is the least resistant (lowest possible) that can suit to MTL vapes
    3. What is the highest possible resistance for Mouth to Lung.

    I hope this information will help other newbies who want to upgrade their tanks.

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    Re: Best ohm for mouth to lung vapes

    Hello buddy,

    There is no "one-size fits all" kind of thing with vaping. I may like it at 1.0 ohm .. the next guy may like at 1.3 ohm .. and the next one may like 1.5 ohm ... The least and the highest resistance is again subjective and depends from person to person. Some like hot vape, some like a cold vape. Some like to vape on VW, some like to vape on TC using SS/Ti/Ni wires.

    Hope you understand what I'm trying to say.


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      Re: Best ohm for mouth to lung vapes

      hello andy bhai

      thabks fir the explanation. what i understood from this is, is a subjective matter.

      but i was wondering if 0.5 ohm can also b considered as MTL given tighter airflow is an option?

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        Re: Best ohm for mouth to lung vapes

        In short: the resistance (ohm) is important only with an unregulated device (mech mod). My sweet spot is around 0.8 ohms. This translates to 15-20 watts with a Li/ion battery, depending on its charge, which is good for my MtL style.

        A VW/TC mod gives you the freedom to set the power: forget this and concentrate on the geometry of the coil (diameter, length, space between wraps, etc), matching with the airflow of the atty, the coil material, and type of wire (simple, twisted, clapton...).


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          Re: Best ohm for mouth to lung vapes

          See, this is what I was saying .. foobar vapes around 15 - 20 watts with 0.8 ohm. I'm vaping 0.75 ohm right now at 40 watts. He must be on a RTA .. I'm on a dripper. The atty also plays a major role in the wattage it can take and the wattage that you like.

          Practically, I wouldn't really say that 0.5 ohm is good for MTL but who knows, someone may be doing MTL with that low resistance on some specific atty


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            Re: Best ohm for mouth to lung vapes

            Thanks Andy and foobar for the explaination. I hope this will help other vapers as well

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              Re: Best ohm for mouth to lung vapes

              As said's a hit and trial until you find your sweet spot. You've to hit and try many different devices, tanks, liquids, cottons, coils, wattage, ohms etc etc. For me it took 1 year of going thru 20+ different combination to find that I love M2L on KF 3.1 on a 1.4Ohm coil at 15.5 watts.
              (It's much like choosing your cigarette brand when you started smoking)