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Where to buy 26650 Li-ion Batteries?

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  • Where to buy 26650 Li-ion Batteries?

    Now that there are many 26650 mods coming out in the market, the need for 26650 batteries is going to grow for sure. I have already owned a couple of 26650 mods like the iJoy Solo Plus, HCigar VT75, etc. So the problem is that not many stores ship batteries to India. However, I have found a couple of stores that stock batteries and also ship to India. Including these stores below where one can purchase batteries. Mind it, they may stop shipping batteries in the near future because of the customs not allowing import of batteries. So, if you have been thinking of buying batteries, this is the right time to stock up! - SourceMore is one of the trusted sellers and they have a dedicated sub-forum here on the IV forum that stocks 18350, 18650, 26650 and other forms of batteries. They have 2 good and known batteries - MNKE 30A 3500 MAH and the eFest Green 50A 4200 MAH. (Make sure to read Mooch&#039;s battery chart on 26650 batteries before you buy). I have just put through 6 orange MNKE batteries and the batteries will ship free of cost through PostNL. I will keep you guys updated when I get them. The MNKE is among the top rated batteries. Although Mooch has rated each battery at 25A, still it is pretty good for the job. Also, 3500 MAH is good in comparison to 18650 batteries.

    I will add more sources to this thread. There are a few other good sellers selling the iJoy INR 26650 40A 4200 MAH battery and VapPower 26650 20A 5200 MAH battery but I&#039;m not really sure about those batteries. The VapPower 40A seems to be good deal but not to man shops sell that battery. So, I will update this thread when I get more information.