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Where to buy good quality Tweezers in India?

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  • Where to buy good quality Tweezers in India?

    Well, FT does NOT have some strong pair of tweezers. I have bought many and thrown away many! Plus, I don't think one should have to buy even tweezers from FT (unless you need ceramic tip tweezers which are hell costly in India and hard to find).

    So, talking about a regular pair of tweezers, where can one get a good quality "strong" pair of tweezers in India?

    The answer is! Take a look, I bought 2 of those and both are FKNG good because they are very strong and there is something very special about the ones I bought. PERFECT for squeezing micro coils, perfect! I'm so glad with these two pairs and I'm good for a few years now

    Bare Essentials Straight Tweezers

    I'm in LOVE with this pair of tweezers since the day I bought it! Reasons why I love it:
    • The metal is thick and even if you have to squeeze it hard, the metal wont bend that easily.
    • Excellent uniform jaws, they can pick even the tiniest hair. So grabbing wires wont be a problem at all.
    • Ridges on jaws. They help keeping the coil uniform while you are pressing them, even thin wire coils stay uniform when you squeeze them with these tweezers.
    • Excellent grip! Since the metal used is strong, these tweezers offer a perfect grip.
    • Price is good, no complaints there considering the quality.

    Colorbar Wow Brows Flat Tip Tweezer

    Another great pair of tweezers which not only works beautifully but also looks gorgeous! Almost same reasons why I love it but I like this more because of the paint job on it. The paint is nice and allows even better grip. Plus, it looks a bit professional. I'm going to use it in my video reviews

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    Re: Where to buy good quality Tweezers in India?

    130rs for it is a bit pricey. I got a similar one for 30rs.


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      Re: Where to buy good quality Tweezers in India?

      [quote author=asniex link=topic=3036.msg22769#msg22769 date=1473870642]
      130rs for it is a bit pricey. I got a similar one for 30rs.

      From the local market? Yes! But if you are a lazy bum (or extremely busy bum) like me, you would prefer buying over the internet