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Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

    One of the most common questions that each one of us have thought in the past, is vaping cheaper than smoking? I'm sure, some of us maybe still weighing, which one is cheaper? Nothing wrong in thinking and analyzing the pros and cons of both. My conclusion from 2+ years of vaping is that if you are not an informed buyer, if you do not research properly and if you don't spend your money wisely, yes, vaping may turn out to be expensive than smoking.

    For the newbies who are just planning to switch over from analogs to vaping, do not just jump onto the first thing you find. Chances are, you will just blow your money away and buy some crap products and then end up going back to analogs. So here's some information that may be really helpful to beginners and even to those who have been vaping on eGO type kits.


    Definitely, you have to search/research what will work for you and what will not. There are many sellers out there selling crap products that may kick you back to analogs and there is nothing worse than that. So take your time to search around, explore forums like this and ECF and other forums where you can read what people have been saying about different products.

    Ask Questions

    Don't just read but ask questions. Join a forum where you can ask questions about what worked for others. Learn from people's experiences. I'm NOT saying just trust blindly whatever people say but always ask before spending your money. If you are thinking of switching over from eGO kits to mechanical mods and rebuildables, there is a super steep learning curve. Ask a billion questions and be informed what's what.

    Watch Youtube Videos

    Youtube is full of experienced vapers who share their personal experiences, tutorials, tips and tricks and lots more. Know that you will have to spend time, take out some time and do watch those videos for a better understanding. There are plenty of good reviewers, follow them and subscribe to their channels.

    Cross Check Prices

    So you've planned to buy something. Have you tried to cross-check prices? Google the product you are planning to buy and then even negotiate with a couple of sellers on Alibaba or elsewhere. Spend some time in researching so that you do not get robbed. Ask your fellow vapers if a product is going to be a good investment. Again, ask questions if you wish to save your money.

    Sharing is Caring

    Last but not the least, if you have found something really good at really lower prices, please share. The need of the moment is to unite together and work together for a better tomorrow. Share information and resources freely rather than running your own show. Your contributions will decide if the vaping industry will survive in the near future or not. You may assume that certain info may or may not help others but every bit helps. Make others aware around you who are still on analogs, that's the best you can do to help yourself in the longer run.

    To conclude, vaping can be cheaper than smoking/analogs only if we care to explore and spend some time in researching. My experience, yes, vaping is far cheaper than smoking in many ways. Wouldn't really get into the health part because that's a controversial matter and will defeat the idea of creating this thread but I'm sure, you know it is way better than stinkies

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    Re: Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

    Awsom write up Andy bhai.
    Just my feeling though , in India , at this point , vaping is probably more expensive. Cigarettes are becoming expensive, but not as expensive as in US or western Europe.
    Others can speak for themselves.


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      Re: Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

      Agree with kalc on this one. With the current price scenario in india, i wouldn't really call vaping cheaper. And i'm not even considering the start up and experimentation costs (i try to deceive myself that they do not exist ). That apart, purely looking at a basic package, for a beginner, vis a vis cartos/tanks with replaceable heads, and taking into consideration the costs for the coils and juices etc, i would say vaping is still more expensive.

      Once you get into RTAs and start building yourself maybe some DIY juices, yea it should be cheaper, but for a beginner it will definitely be more expensive imo.


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        Re: Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

        Very nicely put deltaone


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          Re: Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

          +1 on kalc and andy's comments...though with the variety of options for hardware and liquid there is a good possibility that vaping might become an equally expensive proposition (definitely has for me). On a positive note this can become an immensely enjoyable hobby.


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            Re: Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

            Yes, this dimension was there with pipes & cigars, not with cigarettes - the hobbyist vaper


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              Re: Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

              I actually find vaping cheaper then smoking if you exclude the initial cost of the ecig/mod

              I used to smoking almost like 15-20 cigs per day that comes down to 250-300 per day

              Now i'm using NEBOX and I'm using smoka ejuice 18Mg which costs about 300 per bottle of 10ml, and one bottle lasts me 2-3 days.

              Moreover my ecig comes with RBA coil so i can build my own coil which hardly costs anything


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                Re: Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

                Ok so a slightly detailed intro to my smoking habits-

                - I love smoking. Don't know why, don't ask. Haven't been able to figure that one out yet.
                - To combat the rising prices of smoking, I went out in search of different options. Cheaper cigs, rolling my own, la de dah. Eventually settled on a brand called WIN (Goa visitors will know this brand). 50 bucks for a pack of 20. And I would do a pack a day.

                But ever since I converted to vaping, I did the costing recently and I run through a 3.5ml tank a day. Which is exactly thereabouts my earlier smoking budget. But hey! I smell better, eat better, I'm more active, don't feel like I've licked an ashtray, and my dark circles are on the decline. Go figure. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm happy AF.

                If @kaustubh is in here, shout out to you bro!
                Where's your will to be weird?