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Smok Mag Kit Firmware Upgrade Information

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  • Smok Mag Kit Firmware Upgrade Information

    Hello guys,

    I have noticed a certain issue with the Smok Mag Kit. A few of my friends have reported a problem with the mod. Their mods simply bricked and they can no longer use their mods.

    We have been trying to find a previous or newer version of the Smok Mag Kit firmware but it just does not exist anywhere. Even scoured through the Smok website but there is literally no firmware available for the Mag Kit.

    It is so shitty that some of these folks who reported the error, they bought the kit just a little time ago. However, Smok released this kit way back last year. I'm amazed that they didn't care to put it's firmware on their website.

    Does anyone know if there is some update for the Mag Kit's firmware. If you have any information, please share.