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    I'm a newbie to vaping, got my smok Ak85 today, but am confused about the settings, and it is soaking up juice like any thing.......... Have filled it twice since 4 pm and very less juice is showing.
    I'm using ivapes smoka juice.
    Please help me with the best settings, also which is the best ejuice for the device.
    Thanks in advance!

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    It seems to settling down now, less juice being consumed.
    bjt I'd still like the experts to guiDe me about the optimum settings....…. as of now I'm just experimenting


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      Could be due to the set wattage and coil used.
      More wattage = More juice consumption. Less wattage = Less juice consumption.
      Low resistance coils use more juice than high resistance ones.
      The various settings (modes) in Al 85 are (I think)- VT-Ti / VT-Ni / VT-SS / VW. (Go through the product manual once). The VW mode (allows one to set the power). The rest are for temperature Control (allows one to set the temperature based on the kind of wire used).
      There is no "best ejuice". It's like which is the best car. It all depends on your preference and taste. There are a lot of ejuices better than smoka though.
      Drop me a PM if any help is needed.
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