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Vaping with Ti wire

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  • Vaping with Ti wire

    So got some titanium grade 1 wire from unmakensupplies at as recommended at ecf.
    Dont yet have a mod for Ti , so decided to test it out on the VS rDNA40.
    A back of the envelop calculation said that if the tcr of Ni 200 is set at around 0.006 & Ti is 0.0035 ( just preliminary estimates as there are differences in what people say ), then to get 450F with TI , i should set the temp at 290F with Titanium.
    So i made a coil - 3mm, 28awg Ti, around 8/9 wraps on my KF lite. Read 0.57 as expected. Did a slight burn at 8W - the wire turned alomst bluish
    Anyway, wicked it & put in some milk & honey ( cosmic fog ).
    And fired it up on the VS. At 290F, it was hitting TP too fast. So finally increased it to 350F and now its vaping nice
    So there it is guys - Ti wire - u can use with ease on TP mods for Ni 200. Just start at 100-150F lower than you would use for Ni 200 and then slowly ramp it up as required

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    Re: Vaping with Ti wire

    Thanks for the information Kalc. Did you notice any change in the vapor flavor etc?


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      Re: Vaping with Ti wire

      So reality seems to be that the Ni 200 tcr & the Ti tcr are really not that different. Probably more like 0.0047 & 0.004 going by my vaping experience and what i was seeing in some place ( just approx, dont exactly quote these numbers )
      Now have increased the setting to 380F as it was hitting the 350F mark quite quickly. 380-390F seems to be good


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        Re: Vaping with Ti wire

        Its vaping pretty nice Amit. No off flavour that i can make out.
        And the flavour i am getting from milk & honey ( on a Ti coil ) seems pretty darn close to what i get from the Ni 200.


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          Re: Vaping with Ti wire

          Thanks dear!
          You mentioned about the blueish color, is it a point of conern?
          Also care to post further updates on your Ti experience.


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            Re: Vaping with Ti wire

            Yes, will definitely do that Amit
            I wouldnt be unduly concerned at this point. But there is a long thread on ecf abt Ti safety. Think i will start going over that, just to see ppls opinions and if there is some medical data.


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              Re: Vaping with Ti wire

              BTW, TI wire ( 28awg ) is rather springy


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                Re: Vaping with Ti wire

                Kalc bhai I hv done nothing with my Ti wire til now.
                Wl also read ecf thread u are talking about.
                Ti expected to be less springy then Ni200.
                Ni200 wires vaping have health issues in longer time. So Ti is supposed to be better, as everyone posting nowdays? I have stopped vaping with Ni200 meanwhile.


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                  Re: Vaping with Ti wire

                  Andy bhai your valuable comments and experience is still missing on Ti /Ni200.
                  Please do share...


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                    Re: Vaping with Ti wire

                    My comments may be taken as a kind of scaremongering .. I do not trust Nickel. I have used Nickel wires and have loads of them but I doubt I will keep any. The reason, why are there no utensils made out of Nickel? When this metal is available in abundance, why nobody seems to be using it in household stuff? The main reason that I have come to know is, it is reactive and with "too much" heat, it may be toxic. Why too much heat? Well, don't we do funny things? Sometimes our mods don't play nice, may over heat the coil any time. Again, I have no solid information around it because I did not research enough.

                    Flavor is definitely cleaner with the use of Ni200 wires. Ni200 is actually 99.6% pure. However, I also have pure nickel wire (100% pure). There's hardly any difference in the flavor or if there is any, it is not even noticeable. However, hardened Ni200 is a bit stronger and lesser springy and easier to deal with while pure Nickel is a bit too soft and hard to work with, you get tough time to make a microcoil with such a softy wire.

                    I haven't yet dealt with Titanium wires but I would trust Titanium G1 wires more than any form of Nickel wires any given day. Titanium is a much stronger metal and utensils are made out of titanium. It's expensive in comparison to Nickel and Kanthal wires. I have a few rolls of Titanium G1 coming through in a week, will let you know what's my experience with T G1 wires.


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                      Re: Vaping with Ti wire

                      Well, Amit, the Ni 200 that i use is rather soft and not springy at all - maybe i am using pure Ni from vapor shark.
                      Yes, i have heard from others that they have a springy version.
                      I also have some from FT, but not sure i am using that yet.


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                        Re: Vaping with Ti wire

                        It's correct and rightly mentioned why we don't use nickel in utensils etc. And nickel upon oxidation has harmful effects, not sure but I believe and harm will be more less same in pure and ni200.

                        Titanium rather is even used in medical stream due to its non reactive properties. The wire is good to build and not crazy lower ohms like nickel. Still Kalc bhai blueish color after pulsing is a mystery.

                        Please do share any literature if you find on Kanthal / Nichrome/ Ni200 / Titanium.


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                          Re: Vaping with Ti wire

                          Kanthal: iron+chromium+aluminium:-

                          Composition of this alloy is also very important. As effects upon oxidation may also vary due to slight change in composition. Because we vape kanthal it's important to me(us). Yes we vape more of it whenever comes dry hit.

                          Trying to buy kanthal from Temco-US. Found this company as most trusted brand out there when it comes to quality standards(maybe some other comp also). And Chinese can tamper anything when it comes to cost cutting.

                          Temco not selling to India, talked n mailed them, but they don't agree. Now I had asked my friend in US to buy and send it to me. Hopefully will get it soon (Order for 22/24/26AWG). This is not costly either.

                          Feel like there is need of strict regulations atleast some informative guidelines for wires which a vaper inhales along with liquid. Some reputable companies even using glass fibers for wicking.

                          Kindly guide me if I m not correct.


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                            Re: Vaping with Ti wire

                            Amit bhai, there's no (or very less) research into all that we are discussing here. So, there's no question of correct or incorrect. Right now, it's all shooting in the dark. We can only make theories and apply those theories to minimize harm, if any.

                            Just speak in a developed community about harms of Nickel or Chromium or w/e else is involved in vaping, you will nearly get mauled with all sorts of accusations that you're trying to spread scaremongering hehe.

                            Well, going by all that we have known and researched, I'd vouch for Ti G1 wires over Ni200 or Ni pure wires. Why? Well, at least we know that Ti isn't all that reactive whereas, Ni is a bit reactive when heated.

                            We may be correct or we may be entirely wrong, nobody knows for sure. And tomorrow we will see/read an article claiming that Ti G1 wires produce carcinogenic toxins and we will quickly run for Nickel wires lol. Man, it's such a goosechase and little we know


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                              Re: Vaping with Ti wire

                              Very aptly put Andy bhai