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Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

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    Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

    So maintain a slight gap between coils - dont make a microcoil.
    Personally i start getting warm vape at much higher wattages - beyond 70W or so normally. ( But at those wattages the nic concentration is also critical, to avoid discomfort. Normally when i vape north of 60W/70W, i go to 1.5mg )
    But it all depends on air flow and the suction force. If i reduce the air flow, the vape will get hot even at 15W, its really easy to do. When one sucks with full force on an rda with good air flow, even a 60W vape will remain cool. Also, a little spacing between coils will allow you to go to higher wattages without a hot vape
    Please try and see
    And with the VS rdna 40 &amp; vtc mini, you can try Ni200 builds on your rda to regulate the temp also


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      Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

      Thanks a ton 😉 bhai for opening some locks finally

      spaced coil for more higher wattage!!!! Will try n revert

      Higher Nic I vape is definitely making vape uneasy. Agreed straight on.

      Airflow is full open I know that maths but full suction so more cool air coming with vape. Thanks


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        Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

        Happy to be of some use


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          Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

          AROMAMIZER RDTA (3ml): Review/Thoughts-

          &quot;RDTA&quot;; It’s technically more like an auto-squonker, with some unique features than RDTA. So I bought one and been using for around 3~4 days now.

          Two models 3ml/6ml: Mine is 3ml, it looks stealth. Significantlly shorter than subtank mini-3.5ml.

          Two built decks: Plug-n-play with two different builds useful and convenient.

          *Standard 3-post Deck: -
          • --Initially I built Kanthal/24g/6-wrap/2.5mm dual coil (0.25 ohms). Then I changed to 26g/6-wraps/3.0mm spaced kanthal coils n felt a lot comfortable to me. (Thanks Kalc bhai for this advise)

          *Optional 2-post Deck (velocity style): -
          • --I built Ti/26g/8-wraps/ 3.0mm dual coil (0.18 ohms) this one is chucking clouds. Love it!!

          “Zero” leaking so far, no spit-back, awesome dense clouds.

          Flavor is ‘OK’ not brilliant, as expected with dual coil at higher watts. Atty stays cool; vape feels little warm &gt;40W (but tolerable). I usually don’t do &gt;35W [Just started dual coil/ high watts vaping so lot more left for me to learn here]. But I reckon you could easily go higher with this atty should you want to.

          Not a single DRY HIT till now. Auto dripping system where juice comes from top tank via bottom deck holes is simply brilliant!!

          With velocity style deck-- single, dual and even quad coil possible; big post holes/ more deck space so options for Clapton, Twisted etc. are fairly open…I will try dual Clapton build later.

          Adjustable 510 pin.

          • It’s a 23mm atomizer (Not 22mm std.)
          • Vape band for AFC is not a good option_IMO.
          • Little hard to disassemble. No Top Refill.

          “MUST HAVE RDTA”. I feel satisfied n happy to own it.
          Auto dripping system/ zero leakage/ zero dry hit/ velocity deck...