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Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

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  • Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

    [Tank + Dripper = RDTA]

    Finally got one yesterday. Aromamizer RDTA v2 (3ml) from SteamCrave.

    Done dual Ti built on velocity deck. (26AWG/0.18 ohms/8 wraps/2.5 mm) running at 440F/32.5W

    Initial thoughts:-
    No dry hits (even chain vape up to 12 drags then little dry feeling)
    Not a great loolking but stealth/ small, easy to build deck, no leakage till now, dense clouds n similar sort of flavor like RDA [emoji4].

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML



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      Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

      Thanks kalc bro! ☺

      Finish 1st tank, absolutely no dry hits, chucking good clouds (dense/warm), flavor is OK (not great). No leaking. expected this...but satisfied till now.

      I always find flavor on dual coils to be little muted compared to single coil setup. Why?

      Ti wire crackles a lot. Crackling sounds like popcorn bursts on start up which later dilutes. This is same with RDA -Ti built. Pls suggest if normal problem or else?


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        Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

        Deck looks sexy.. Where did you pick it from bhai? What's the hole in pocket? The deck interests me a lot. Velocity


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          Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

          Pretty simple and performing fine so far batman bro 😉
          I got it around 50$ from steamcrave dot com.
          Will post my final verdict soon...


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            Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

            But this is a dual coil Amit bro


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              Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

              I agree bhai, already pointed out that flavor is OK kinda not great (may be due to dual coil setup).
              but overall apart from flavor this RDTA is performing good, will post final thoughts soon.


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                Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

                Do u have the velocity bhai?
                I personally prefer RDAs when i want a dual coil setup - with those huge drip tips, it doesnt really matter where the coils are & its a different experience from LH RTAs - flavour tends to be more pronounced than LH with rtas, but with a caveat


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                  Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

                  Yeah I have velocity rda.
                  Bhai Pls share your sweet spot recipe with velocity. I mean Watt/coil setup etc. will try today...


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                    Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

                    I let others share - but anyway, it all depends - there is no one formula i suppose - many ways to do it.
                    Depends on what mod you have.
                    For me, i have the velocity but havent coiled it yet - why?
                    Well, i will use it for vaping at very high wattages - so i am waiting for clapton coil to reach me.
                    Then, my fingers take over - i dont plan anything more - just look at the deck, the coil and something comes up in the moment
                    Then one can of course improve with experience, if there is any need - usually, there is no need, but its nice to try something a little different, i suppose
                    Will share when i make my build.
                    Let others share what they do on the velocity


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                      Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

                      Anyway, my question to you Amit, what mod/mods do you have? How low can u fire? Do you have 3mg liquids?
                      RDAs i normally use for cloud chasing, at least, something like the velocity.


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                        Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

                        30W iStick
                        40W VS rDNA
                        50W ZNA
                        Mech mod (in transit)
                        60W VTC mini (in transit)


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                          Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

                          Kalc bro I use veritas rda for flavor n clouds both.
                          I think 3mg is there from Ali bhai will check.
                          Anyway thanks for your concern to help!


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                            Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

                            Ok, so since you have a 50W & u r getting a 60W, you can try around 6/8 wraps each of 26 awg, 3mm - dual coil on the velocity rda - maybe slightly spaced also, 3mg is good. This could be used for vaping north of 40W or so.
                            60W would be excellent.
                            I would say start with 6 wraps each.


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                              Re: Aromamizer RDTA 3ML

                              Will do this set up tonight. my only concern is hotter vapes when above 35 watt but will try.