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Turbo Styled RDA

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  • Turbo Styled RDA

    My first impression when I saw a video review of this thing, EL OH EL

    But anyway, it&#039;s just another dripper. What&#039;s the big deal if it has a fan in it&#039;s ass :P

    [img width=600 height=325][/img]

    Price: $11.61 (SKU 2181400)


    It has a fan in it&#039;s ass, isn&#039;t that enough?

  • #2
    Re: Turbo Styled RDA

    Yeah, just another RDA - the turbo means nothing of course A gimmick as i see it.
    Well, they have used a symbol


    • #3
      Re: Turbo Styled RDA

      This dripper has a fan inside which goes Whooooooooooooooooooooooooosh .. that&#039;s something to die for .. NOT


      • #4
        Re: Turbo Styled RDA

        Yes, i know, i have seen suck my mod&#039;s review


        • #5
          Re: Turbo Styled RDA

          Soon coming: Mega sub-ohm atties with hydraulic pumps so that you get surplus juiceflow to the coil bwaahahahaha


          • #6
            Re: Turbo Styled RDA

            Hydraulic pump.. Hahaha.. ROFL


            • #7
              Re: Turbo Styled RDA

              I personally think this atty is a bit too much to take it seriously.

              Secondly, hate the buggers for using Om symbol on it. I&#039;m not that religious but still, kinda didn&#039;t like it.


              • #8
                Re: Turbo Styled RDA

                That is cuz it was manufactured by ohm nation......... someone trying to be clever....