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Stainless steel mesh build

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  • Stainless steel mesh build

    Guys, am in the process of trying my hand at SS wick builds on genesis attys.
    So i thought it would be good to share some of my experiences as i am learning.
    Initially , trying different ways to make the SS wick.

    The first attempt was of course just burning the mesh ( lots of vids online ) with a torch and then fold one end ( this part is universal to all techniques ) and then wrap from the opposite end ( freehand - without using any tools). I inserted this into the wick hole of the kraken ( rolled it around till it fit the hole - size of mesh was roughly 30X30mm ) . Then i took some wire ( dont remember the gauge ) and tried to wrap around the wick ( 4 turns ). But to cut the long story short, getting uniform contact with the wick was extremely difficult and so hot spots were there all the time - failure.

    In the meantime i saw some videos - particularly jong yeol kim & igetcha69.

    So what i realised is that to get a uniform contact of the coil with the wick, i need to use a tool ( as they use, makes things much easier ).

    So next attempt was on the kraken again. So i took a 1.5mm coiling rod and wrapped my mesh around it so that it would hold its shape. anted to try TC this time hoping that would prevent hotspots

    Took Ni200 wire ( awg 28 ) and put around 6 wraps around a 2.5mm coiling rod. Put the rod into the wick hole and put the coil in place and fastened the positive and negative posts to the wire. Gave a few dry burns to the coil. Realized two things - Ni200 is very soft, so when i would try to adjust the coils, it would get deformed very easily. And i had put in too many wraps ( trying to get good amount of resistance ) - so even without the wick, only around 3 wraps were glowing and the others were not.

    Anyway, i kept twisting the wick around the 1.5mm coiling rod till it was just fitting the coil - put it in after burning some juice on the rolled mesh ( please see videos ). Played around for sometime giving dry burns but bcos Ni is so soft, it would not really hold its position and kept getting hot spots. Tried vaping - but hot spot problem was there, even on a TP mod - VS rDNA40

    Next i took out the nahaulon and experimented with kanthal 26 ( dont have 28, i realised ). Need a slightly thick wire and firm wire, i thought. Followed igetcha69 method. Took a 1.5mm coiling rod and wrapped the mesh around it till it would fit the wicking hole ( which is 2.5mm in nahaulon, most probably ). Once i was sure that it was fitting - i dripped some liquid on the mesh roll & burnt it - around 3 times - standard procedure. Then with the mesh on the coiling rod, i roughly made 4 wraps of 26 awg kanthal wire so that it was firmly touching the wick, but not too tight so as to totally deform the mesh. Then screwed the wire into the atty still with the coiling rod inside to hold everything together. It was much better - very easy to get rid of hotspots this time. Put in some juice and started vaping - not bad ( as far the coil building is concerned - there were other issues , but that is not relevant here ). Its another matter that after fiddling with some other issue for around half an hour, the kanthal wire snapped at the positive post

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    Re: Stainless steel mesh build

    Having seen quite a few online videos on youtube , i would suggest to see jong's videos to anyone who wants to try genesis ( though they are silent ).
    igetcha69 has been in the vaping scene for a very long time and is one of my favourites - he has also quite a few videos on gennys - very instructive. Why i say this is that there are many videos of gennys which may not be the best techniques and are therefore best to avoid initially at least. Once, one has a command of making SS wick builds, then of course, its a different matter


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      Re: Stainless steel mesh build

      Kalc, I have used mesh a lot with the Veritas in the past. The most surefire method that I know for avoiding shorts is to coil directly on the mesh wick and then do repeated juice burns of the whole coil + wick assembly. And then mount the coil + wick in the Atty. This builds up a carbon layer between wire and mesh much better than in the other way.


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        Re: Stainless steel mesh build

        Thanks python, will look into these issues and hopefully put some light on , maybe, some misconceptions also
        Will see in more details as i test and learn. And share, for sure


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          Re: Stainless steel mesh build

          [quote author=pythonbeg link=topic=644.msg7385#msg7385 date=1433401015]
          Kalc, I have used mesh a lot with the Veritas in the past. The most surefire method that I know for avoiding shorts is to coil directly on the mesh wick and then do repeated juice burns of the whole coil + wick assembly. And then mount the coil + wick in the Atty. This builds up a carbon layer between wire and mesh much better than in the other way.

          Me followed the same way. It's best to round the wick to the desired diameter and wrap the wire directly on to it. Don't try to make a microcoil, just go with normal turns and it should be alright.

          Genesis coils/wicks take some time to learn. Experience plays a major role in avoiding hotspots. While playing around with the Sat22, I did get a few hotspots but that was fixed with little tinkering

          The only problem I have ever faced is dry burns .. Juice not wicking fast enough unless I tilt the atty over and again. That actually got me to think that Genesis weren't for me. Otherwise, the taste/flavor is the best on Genesis atties.


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            Re: Stainless steel mesh build

            Thanks Andy bhai - its good we are getting our knowledge concentrated here


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              Re: Stainless steel mesh build

              Ok so just now built the kraken.
              Procedure, is the last one outlined in the OD. Around a 1.5mm coiling rod or any other such rod, a 30mm mesh ( i am using 400 ). Then around 4 wraps of 26 awg wire ( kanthal ) - 0.6 ohms - burnt first ( this is just what i did, not saying it needs to be done ).
              Not really any hotspots - more or less the whole coil was glowing, except the last half turn near the negative post - ignored it.
              Added some juice, and as Andy bhai pointed out, as i chain vaped, the metallic hits. Tried fiddling for sometime - no red glow anywhere, but not wicking fast enough.
              Took another 10mm mesh and wrapped it and put it inside the first mesh ( remember , it had a 1.5mm hole in the centre ).
              Problem gone as of now. Wicking fine upto 20W ( as far as i have tried ). Nice flavour. I am tilting as much as i tilt my KF lite, no more. Wicking pretty well - have vaped for sometime - no issues till now.
              So, what is the normal issue - not enough mesh - this is the first impression i am getting ( please see the videos of jong ). I dont have different densities of mesh at the moment - so cant do that experiment right now, but will do that in future


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                Re: Stainless steel mesh build

                Yeah, most Genesis users do that .. Mesh inside mesh .. I guess the capillary action is better that way. To be honest, I didn't try that but will try it for sure this time when I get the Kraken.

                Another thing I'd like to try is to use cotton wick inside the mesh. That may help in wicking too. But now that I have said it out loud, Kalc gonna try 20 different combinations before I even see my kraken. By the time I get it, he'll be done everything and will make me look like a noobie. lol j/k bro, you're doing good


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                  Re: Stainless steel mesh build

                  Another important point. I measured the resistance of the rolled wick - its coming in the range of 10 ohms. So this wick will never short the wire as the wire's resistance is much lower. An important point on which i want to bring some focus.
                  But, this wick has been burnt and liquid has gone through it.
                  What if i take a fresh wick and roll it and check its resistance - is it possible that its resistance can be in the range of 1 ohms? Will check and get back. Basic electrical tells us that the net resistance of the parallel combination of 2 resistances is (R1*R2)/(R1+R2), which means that, if one resistance is 10 times lower than the other one, then practically all the current flows through the lower resistance.
                  I will get into more details later , after some more experiments.


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                    Re: Stainless steel mesh build

                    Andy bhai, i will leave the cotton for you - by profession i do research( in my field ), so not doing anything new really


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                      Re: Stainless steel mesh build

                      Man, the more i vape this, my face is breaking into a smile, i see a match of the KF lite , for the first time and i have tried 20 plus
                      Its impressing me - but its still too early.
                      Vaping a NET - Minotaur from HOL on the Kraken & on my KF lite in parallel - interesting, very interesting indeed
                      But let me check more
                      My tank is practically dry on the Kraken , and the wicking is keeping up - no issues at all


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                        Re: Stainless steel mesh build

                        Think I'm going to forget the Revel when I get my Kraken


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                          Re: Stainless steel mesh build

                          Revel is an atty?


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                            Re: Stainless steel mesh build

                            lol thodi der pehle hi to comment reply kiya tha aapne ..

                            Revel RDTA


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                              Re: Stainless steel mesh build

                              This is what i was vaping at 20W Not a hint of a dry hit
                              [img width=600 height=450][/img]