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  • Nahaulon

    I got the nahaulon from FT. Just sharing my impressions.
    The external air flow hole is not well drilled - the airflow is extremely tight on my piece.
    The chamber is reduced in the nahaulon for a more intense experience , i suppose - but it makes fitting the top cap rather difficult - a slight misalignment can cause the cop cap chamber to touch the coil and cause a short - rather dangerous to use with a mech. The top cap is also extremely tight to remove - i believe these issues are there in the original also. Also the liquid tank is SS which means you cannot see the juice level.
    Overall, my initial impression is that its a rather badly designed genny.
    Unless i get amazing flavour off this one , i dont see any reason why this cannot be called a faulty design, in my book

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    Re: Nahaulon

    Hmm just checked the Nahualon genesis atty .. Looks very strange. Don't think I ever saw this atty before, it's new to me. Wondering where is the negative on this atty???


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      Re: Nahaulon

      There is no separate negative post. The centre post has the negative below the lowest screw & the positive below the top screw. Pretty smart idea actually


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        Re: Nahaulon

        So all that "keep distance between the posts" has gone out of the window? lol I'm just kidding .. can't comment on this atty since I don't have one in front of me. But yeah, I'd love the two posts miles apart (I mean, at least a couple of mm) lol.


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          Re: Nahaulon

          Electrically isolated bhai, so no issues on that front


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            Re: Nahaulon

            Thanks for the review, Kalc

            I didn't notice the air flow path, it's original but i don't really see the point compared to direct intake. Actually, i'm not far from thinking that the "reduced chamber for flavor" is mainly a commercial trick. There are so many factors in play.


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              Re: Nahaulon

              Was vaping the sat22 yesterday which also has the reduced chamber.
              Only thing i noted that you have to vape at a lower wattage as the chamber runs pretty hot.
              Flavour wise i wont even compare at this moment, need to test more.
              Yes the air flow pattern is different in the Nahaulon - will test more and share my experience.